Saturday, July 22, 2017
Whether the statement that women have to work twice as hard as men to get respect holds true or not, the band we’re featuring, Sick of Sarah, have, in the last 10 or so years, earned the respect of fans the world over thanks to a hard-driving rock sound that has also given them distinctions ranging from a top emerging band award back in 2008 when they played Milwaukee’s Summerfest, to an incredible-for-its-time 1.7 million BitTorrent downloads of their album 2205 back in 2011.
I had the opportunity to interview the band the Texas K.G.B. and it was very cool! Texas K.G.B. played at Darwin’s Burger’s & Blues in Marietta, Georgia to a full house in late January of this year. The American alt folk band’s energy is amazing live and this is what the band is all about.
She has been heralded as "honest," "thought-provoking," along with "clear, well-trained and hauntingly beautiful." Canadian songstress and guitar player, Steph MacPherson exudes all of these qualities, traits, and so much more. She's constantly evolving her sound, and we think...
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When Vicki Genfan describes playing guitar as a “body/heart” experience, her description is literal. Her approach is a whole-body connection, one that she has been cultivating since she discovered the instrument at age 5.
Meet Eilidh McKellar, a 19 year old singer and guitarist from Edinburgh, Scotland that has been described by Bob Harris, Whispers, of the BBC Radio One as “Cool as a cucumber, Eilidh plays like a seasoned veteran, just quiet confidence and genuine virtuosity.”  McKellar has released two tracks off of her upcoming album Delta Devil Dreams, due out later this year, with Grammy award winning producer Guy Eckstine after he discovered her on YouTube.  She has had the honor of gracing the stage at the Hammersmith Apollo with the legendary Joe his request!  
Having dealt with breast cancer in my family after losing my maternal grandmother to what started out as breast cancer and eventually mestastized into bone marrow cancer, I know first hand the effects that breast cancer can have on...
On a warm, spring evening, I paid a visit to a pub in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida, which had a courtyard right in front of it. It was there that I got to enjoy a live set by a female singer and guitarist who’s probably one of the more creative in terms of how she plays the guitar. 
Although she divides her time between Greece and the UK, both cultures have a deep impact on Irene Ketikidi and her music. Growing up, she was heavily influenced by a variety of rock, pop and electronic bands, including the greats like...
Austin native Jackie Venson began playing piano at the early age of eight and grew up on classical music ultimately attending the acclaimed Berklee College of Music. It wasn’t until after Jackie graduated from Berklee that she decided to pick up the guitar and began a new musical career.