Wilson Center Guitar Festival
WHY would a luthier (guitar builder) suddenly stop taking any more orders? Selling the business? Taking a sabbatical? Passing the tools down to someone else? Nope.
Making music is more than a career choice for Nashville-based singer/songwriter/guitarist Shannon LaBrie. It’s a means of expression, connection, and telling stories that come from her heart to touch the hearts of her listeners.
Having completed tours of Europe and parts of the U.S., Jane Getter is focused on more of the same with her progressive metal/rock/jazz project, Premonition. Her new album, On, was released in October 2015. It was co-produced by Getter and keyboardist Adam Holzman, and features an all-star lineup of musicians: drummer Chad Wackerman, guitarist Alex Skolnick, bassist Bryan Beller, saxophonist/flautist/clarinetist Theo Travis, and vocalist Corey Glover. She was joined on tour in the U.S. by Holzman, Skolnick, bassist Stu Hamm, and drummer John Mader.
After gigging over 250 times and writing over 100 songs, it is hard to believe that Charlie Leavy is just 19.  In her songs she manages to cleverly combine the styles of acoustic pop, folk, country, funk and blues.
Singer/songwriter/guitarist Liv Miner was a seasoned professional onstage and in the studio when she joined Drayter a year ago. Growing up in a musical household, she was instinctively drawn to piano and guitar, and quickly mastered both. She played in numerous bands around Dallas, Texas, and even opened for a previous incarnation of Drayter. When the group, founded in 2008 by guitarist Cole Schwartz, found itself in need of a new lead singer, Miner auditioned and was a perfect fit.
Billed as “A Celebration of Music Heritage and Culture,” the first Hapa Tour is a personal project for singer-songwriters and friends Meiko and Marié Digby. With dates in February and continuing on through March, where they are being joined by up-and-coming hapa artists in each city, the women are sharing their music and bringing awareness to what Meiko calls “Hapa-ness” — the celebration of mixed racial heritage with partial roots in Asian and/or Pacific Islander ancestry. The tour is sponsored by PledgeMusic and the USC Ito Center Hapa Japan Project.
Imagine blending your love of music and your passion for a particular hobby, or perhaps a favorite artist, song, or special occasion, into a piece of incredible art work that makes a statement. Creative artist Peter Geiger does just that -- creates metal guitars from license plates. Peter works with his clients to create unique, custom pieces of art that tell your story in such a way that it will become a central piece in your art collection to be loved for generations.
With three albums to her credit — Morning Pill (2007), In Avanti (2010), and AC3 (2011) — Alexx Calise has more than proven herself as a singer, songwriter, and guitarist. Still, when the time came to return to the studio, she both wanted and needed to take her creativity to the next level. Partnering with producer Warren Huart, she wrote and tracked her new album, Addition by Subtraction, with Huart and his team at Spitfire Studio. The ten resulting songs present Alexx Calise in a new light — still the rock musician that her longtime fan base knows and loves, still the balladeer whose hit song “Cry” brought her a whole new audience via the television shows Dance Moms and Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition, but now with the edge and maturity that come with life, experience, and the mentoring touch of an A-list producer. 
LA-based Singer-Songwriter Cindy Alexander is a natural storyteller, unafraid to tackle the most intimate subjects in her songs.  She is brassy, sassy and full of attitude. This is a woman one definitely wants on one’s side.  Seriously funny and sarcastic, she channels all of her life experiences and there’s quite a few, into her craft - the craft of amazingly catchy powerful songs. So many great songs - A little bit country and a little bit rock and roll. Here’s another strong tidbit on Cindy, she’s a two-year out Breast Cancer Survivor and mom to six-year old twin girls…she’s got fight, grit and moxie!
Sarah Pierce, a singer/songwriter from Texas, has a gift for telling a story through her lyrics and music. Pierce recently released her latest album Barbed Wire on Little Bear Records. It was recorded at the Cribworks Ditigal Audio studio in Liberty Hill, Texas, and produced by her husband/drummer/singer/engineer, Merel Bregante. Barbed Wire is a great mix of thirteen songs that Pierce says was “musically influenced by her family’s heritage in the cattle business” and can be seen as a “follow-up to my autobiographical Cowboy’s Daughter CD.”