Saturday, July 22, 2017
Pegi Young is no stranger to media attention and being in the public eye. Married to Neil Young for over 36 years, she raised two children with him, sang background vocals in his band, and was an integral part of his projects, both inside and outside of the music industry. In 2014, the couple were back in the spotlight, this time because of their divorce, with details of their personal lives splashed across tabloids and websites.
This up and coming Nashville-based singer-songwriter is set to release her first single “Moonrise” tomorrow on Nashsville’s indie record label South X Sea. A descendant of the Carter family, she pays homage to the family’s 1928 song “Wildwood Flower” with the stage name WILDWOOD.
Minneapolis-based band City of the Weak is made up of band members Stef w/ an F (Vocals), Cody Hoffman (Bass), and Brent Lindblad (Lead Guitar). Started in 2012 by Stef, the band has released their sophomore EP Disclosure in 2014 and since that time, have spent countless hours on the road touring across the U.S. from New York to Los Angeles, with performances at Chicago Open Air, Northern Invasion, Vans Warped Tour, The All-Stars Tour, South By So What?!, Rock Fest (Cadott, WI), and EMG TV.
The world of Rock is a tough environment.  Whether you are fighting your way through an over saturated genre, creative oppression, elitism, financial struggles, or straight up sexism; this thing called Rock is far from easy.  I mean if you make this your career choice, you are considered by some to be either extremely brave or downright touched in the head!  This one profession is known for crushing dreams hard.  Well I had the chance to get associated with one band that is staring all these risks and stigmas squarely in the face with unrelenting defiance…
Known as “one of the premiere female surf guitarists of our time,” Susan SurfTone had a desire for music at a very early age. Elvis, then the Beatles, and on to The Ventures. She got her first guitar several months after watching The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show in 1964 and then it was time for lessons at which she excelled.
Here comes trouble!  
There are so many professional musicians out there, working hard touring, recording, writing, performing in different projects, many of them relatively unknown, many of them you SHOULD know. One of them is the amazing Liza Carbé who has had a long illustrious career in quite a few different genres from rock to R&B to world, and continues to make music joyfully!  She is a MUST KNOW in the music industry!
From lead guitarist of the all-girl teenage rock band The Runaways produced by Kim Fowley in the mid ‘70s to today’s solo artist, this iconic singer, songwriter and guitarist helped pave a way for female musicians in the rock and metal scene. At the age of 11, Lita Ford received her first guitar and never looked back. Inspired by guitarists Ritchie Blackmore, Johnny Winter and Jimi Hendrix, it wasn’t until attending a show featuring the all-female band Fanny in the early ‘70s that Ford began to develop her approach to playing the guitar which she described in a recent interview is to “focus on your guitar playing first, the rest will be rewarded to you.”
Megan Burke describes her life as a whirlwind. Barely out of her teens, yet already an experienced musician, she is now the guitarist for recently reunited U.K. pop-punk-rock band Fuzzbox. 
Janey Street is working on a new album, which may sound confusing, considering that she just released a new album, My Side Of Paradise. She has written 23 songs for the next project, meaning that the material will be ready when it’s time to go back in the studio.