Tuesday, November 21, 2017
Connecticut based duo Violent Mae just released their sophomore album Kid. Rising out of multi-instrumentalist Floyd Kellogg ’s production style and Becky Kessler ’s guitar driven songwriting, the record is a document of a band coming into its own....
Guitar Man: Six Strings of Separation released via Hal Leonard Books.  
If Rock n Roll is looking for a revival, it just might find its savior in Generation Z’s Reed Ferguson from Atlanta, Georgia.  A fusion of various influences puts Reed decidedly in a space all her own.  You could call it Neoteric Rock.  Her latest CD, an original 5 song EP entitled Magic Eye is evidence of this emerging genre.  And it would be a mistake to enter into Reed’s world with expectations, because she is anything but predictable. Her instrumentation, melodies and lyrics defy categorization.  It’s no wonder notables in the industry say Reed’s writing style is on the path to being “prolific” and perhaps this is what her songwriting idols Jimi Hendrix, Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, and Robert Plant looked like at 18. 
There won't be a dry eye around the television when "Dolly Parton's Coat of Many Colors" airs December 10 on NBC. Parton and NBC released a three-minute preview of the upcoming TV-movie based on the Country Music Hall of...
Atlanta-based roots rock 'n' soul band, Larkin Poe, comprised of sisters Rebecca and Megan Lovell, are descendants of Edgar Allen Poe and were born to rock! Both classically trained and pulling influence from legendary rock icons likes Fleetwood Mac and Pink Floyd, Rebecca leads on guitar, mandolin, as well as violin, while Megan harmonizes on slide guitar, lapsteel, as well as dobro. 
108 Rock Star Guitars has invited the Women's International Music Network (WiMN) to share its booth during the 2016 NAMM Show in Anaheim, Calif. Located at Hall C, Booth #4386, this centralized location will serve as a launching pad for interviews, meetings, performances, and book signings.
Annalee Fery and Christian Stone of Howls are quintessential artists. They are constantly creating. Time, emotional politics, and the chemistry and ego, both good and bad that take place in band and collaborative settings has never detered either musician from making art. For them making music is as essential to life as oxygen.
Halloween is a fun time of the year to host a costume party and get down. The question is, what kind of music to play at a Halloween party? There is a variety of music that can make a party, especially if it has any kind of theme, and Halloween is the greatest at getting the perfect music list together. Any genre of music can be added to a Halloween playlist, the idea is to make it spooky and to have a fun time. This makes it even better with mixing genres of music together.