Thursday, June 22, 2017
Are you a rock and roll fan? Is jazz music more your style? Or, are you a fan of classical music? Whatever style of music you like, you can easily learn to play your favorite songs and music genre on the guitar.
Starting a rock 'n' roll band is the dream of so many young people worldwide. But not enough of them succeed because they don’t take it seriously. Either that or they’ve not thought the steps through enough. Here are a few great tips for starting your very own rock 'n' roll band.
For many musicians who are trying to break into the music industry, the cost of paying a professional sound engineer to record a demo CD is just too high. So, instead, many musicians have started learning how to record their music themselves. 
If you have always wanted to learn how to play the guitar, you may not have been able to fulfil this wish for budget reasons. Taking up any musical hobby comes at a cost. There’s the one-off price to be paid for the instrument, and it’s accessories as well as the ongoing expenses, including sheet music and lessons. But learning to play the guitar is so enjoyable and rewarding that it seems unfair to let money get in the way. Fortunately, there are ways that you can cut down costs so that you can learn this fantastic skill without blowing your budget. Let’s take a look.
Sound awesome at any volume
We’ve all heard how important the breath is for singing, but unfortunately many voice teachers don’t thoroughly explain it. Most instructors fall back on the same response – “breath from your diaphragm.” Problem is most singers simply don’t know how...
You don’t have to be a lighting technician to understand that stage lighting can enhance any band’s musical performance.  Scene: the lights dim, the fog machine mists the darkness.  Spotlights follow the band as they make their way to their positions on stage.  The first note of your favorite song erupts into colors of blue, purple and red.  You are entranced into that very moment of rock n’ roll. 
Get the lowdown on guitar strings If you didn’t already know, the type of electric guitar strings you use is kind of a big deal. Here’s what you need to know... Even though you take really good care of your electric...
Ever been to a blues jam? Well, there is a lingo, if you will, that you need to get familiar with! A language that musicians use to call songs, that gives you a quick reference to how the progression...
Coming up in Atlanta within the next few months we’ve got the Shaky Knees Festival at Atlantic Station along with Music Midtown in Piedmont Park.  A great line-up at festivals like these is going to attract a lot of people.  But in this article, here are some helpful hints to make you stand apart from the crowd.  Prepare yourself like it’s nobody business! You will look like the professional music-goer when it comes to battling unpredictable weather, de-hydration, sunburn and those over-flowing port-o-potties.