Wilson Center Guitar Festival
Are you a rock and roll fan? Is jazz music more your style? Or, are you a fan of classical music? Whatever style of music you like, you can easily learn to play your favorite songs and music genre on the guitar.
A couple of decades ago, learning to play the guitar without the help of an instructor would have been daunting at best. But these days the internet and the thousands of eBook, audio, software and video based guitar learning resources on it have made this type of teacher-less learning not only possible but also an increasingly popular choice amongst beginner guitar students. But is learning guitar online the right choice for you? In today’s article, Guitar Girl runs you through the pros and cons of online guitar learning.
So what does it take to become a great guitarist, or a great musician, or a great anything for that matter? Well in the words of Chris ‘Izzy’ Cole from the movie Rockstar, it’s just a matter of wanting it bad enough and being willing to work hard enough.  Sounds pretty simple, right? Well it’s not. The journey of mastering the guitar is both a joyous and arduous one. And in today’s article we bring you Guitar Girl Magazine’s top 10 guitar practice tips to help you make the most out of your time spent with the instrument. 
There are a lot of things to love about Christmas, but there’s nothing that really makes me feel the spirit of the season like Christmas music. And as a guitarist you carry the great responsibility of knowing at least a handful of these amazing pieces of music to carry the occasional family Christmas jam session. Here are seven easy to learn Christmas songs that are absolute must-learns for any guitarist. 
Sound awesome at any volume
As an adult, picking the right guitar for you is a pretty difficult decision. All the ideas, thoughts, and needs you go through are amplified for a child; especially for one who has never played a guitar before. These decisions cover many aspects of the guitar from whether your child is left or right handed and whether they want an electric or an acoustic guitar. 
You don’t have to be a lighting technician to understand that stage lighting can enhance any band’s musical performance.  Scene: the lights dim, the fog machine mists the darkness.  Spotlights follow the band as they make their way to their positions on stage.  The first note of your favorite song erupts into colors of blue, purple and red.  You are entranced into that very moment of rock n’ roll. 
There are lots of different guitars out there these days. And they are all suited to different kinds of music. Not sure which one will be best for your style? No problem; here is our guide to choosing the best guitar to rock out with.
There is absolutely no doubt that the technological changes over the last couple of decades have drastically changed the way we approach playing guitar. While ten years ago learning an Yngwie Malmsteen solo would equal a few dozen hours in front of a tape deck on repeat, the same task seems almost mind-numbingly simple with the guitar tabs and tablature software of today. And while some guitarists do waste their time arguing if these changes are for the better or for the worst, the smart ones understand the value of taking advantage of these technological advances without compromising their musicianship.
When you are performing live, getting your tone is the most important thing. But how exactly do you achieve that? Although many people claim that very sophisticated and expensive gear is what you need, you should know that this is not the secret to a great sound on stage. The key is knowing how to choose and use the equipment you already have.