October is a month that many look forward to each year. It is a time for children, teens, and adults to dress up in costumes as their favorite characters. It’s a time we can let lose and become someone or something else for the day. It is especially fun for the youngsters to get candy from trick or treating.

Each year, there are some costumes that stand out from all the others based on current political candidates, popular superhero, comic book, and Disney characters, and then the traditional ghoulish zombies and vampires, scary monsters, and more.

Here is a list of a few that may make Halloween magical this 2015!

Rock and roll costumes – If you’re a fan of Guitar Girl Magazine, then you’re a fan of rock and roll. Some of our favorite rockers to inspire our costumes would be Country star Dolly Parton, the queen of rock Joan Jett, bad-ass guitarist Lita Ford, or Pop icons Katy Perry and Lady Gaga — they definitely have plenty of outfits to mimic.  Or how about Slash, Brett Michaels, or Marilyn Manson?

Election costumes – Going into an election year always brings a variety of electoral candidates into costuming for Halloween. The front runners of Halloween costumes this year obviously include Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Star Wars costumes – Star Wars’ characters have always been popular Halloween costmes, but this new generation will be excited for the new Star Wars movie. This year will bring newer characters into Halloween costumes from the new movie and as always there will be the beloved character costumes such as Princess Leia, Yoda, Chewbacca and C-3PO. These are great costumes for children, teens and adults.

Zombie costumes– “The Walking Dead” is filmed in Senoia, Georgia, and brings zombies to television and has developed quite a following who enjoy dressing as zombies on Halloween. On a side note, Walker Stalker Con is over Halloween Weekend this year in Atlanta, Georgia.  Zombies are a great way for those who want to have fun in creepy, undead costumes.

Comic Book Character costumes– Harley Quin and the Joker, Batman and Robin, The Avengers and Deadpool will be great for Halloween. These are costumes that are fun and who wouldn’t want to be Squirrel Girl for Halloween?

Back to the Future costumes– 2015, this is the Back to the Future year. Some may be too young to know what I am speaking about, so watch the movie. These costumes will be out and about on Halloween night for sure. After all this is the year that Marty and Doc visited!

Disney characters– Frozen is still hugely popular so expect to see Frozen characters this Halloween. Tangled and the Lego movie are still beloved by many as well as Princes and Princesses.

Minions characters– The Minions movie took over at the box office in 2015 and will be great costumes for Halloween. I’ve already seen Minions painted pumpkins and scarecrows!

Jurassic World costumes– Another popular movie that will be seeing dinosaurs walking around. Jurassic World will inspire all ages to be dinosaurs this year.

AHS costumes-American Horror Story character costumes will making their rounds at a variety of events this Halloween. Great ideas for costumes have come from each seperate series.

Monster costumes– Every Halloween I find it fun to dress as a favorite vampire or as  Frankenstein. Then there are the monsters from the slasher movies that will be haunting that night. Remember Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees?

Wes Craven Movie Character costumes– Unfortunately the world of horror lost one of the greats, Wes Craven, in 2015. Many will be characters from his movie as a tribute to the writer/director. Most notably, Freddy Krueger, so don’t fall asleep.

The Dress costume- The viral sensation of the dress will be popular and many will be debating what color it is.

Cannibals characters- This is the year “The Green Inferno” made everyone not want to eat. For a creepy and spooktacular Halloween, there will be cannibals out roaming in costumes—feeling hungry anyone?

No matter what one dresses as for Halloween, have fun and stay safe! Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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