Bryan Kaufman, founder of Dog Days Vintage guitar straps, has come up with a very creative idea of what to do with old, vintage materials.  He had the idea for the vintage straps after seeing some old curtains in a vintage clothing store. Dog Days is a family owned business and all the straps are hand made right here in the U.S.A.

I was pleasantly surprised and very excited when I took the 2” guitar strap (also available in 3” and for mandolin and ukulele) out of the box for review. Right off the bat, I was very impressed with the quality of the material, and how solid and sturdy the craftsmanship was.

Like most guitar players, I have owned numerous straps for various guitars over the course of my career only to find that over time they start to deteriorate from all the wear and tear.  Also, like most guitarists, when shopping for a strap, you want to find that ONE strap that is PERFECT for your guitar and personal style – and that is NOT always the easiest thing to do. Every guitarist wants a strap that looks cool, that’s going to hold up over time, and a strap that won’t fail you mid-gig causing your guitar to smash on the ground.

I feel that Dog Days guitar straps are a breath of fresh air as they fulfill all of the above criteria.  They have many cool and interesting designs to choose from – but you better act fast when you see something you like, because once the fabric is sold out, it’s gone forever.

I found mine very comfortable for long term use and it felt very secure on my guitar. Prices for the 2” straps are around $59.99 – the 3” straps are around $79.99 and the mandolin and ukulele straps start at around $34.99 – these prices are very comparable to other major brands.  This is a very sturdy and fashionable strap that I don’t see needing replacement anytime in the near future, if ever!


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