I believe that there is a genius inside each living being, each soul and that this prodigious consciousness moves us individually and collectively, constantly and patiently, from darkness to light in each moment of our life. Each of us goes through this process, in our own way, with our own unique circumstances and capacities.” — Yogi Akal

Anybody who knows me will know of my strange phobias: mascots and making phone calls. Luckily, my interview with Yogi Akal didn’t involve mascots, but it did entail conducting my first ever interview for Guitar Girl Magazine….on the phone!

This week I had the pleasure of speaking with long-time numerologist, Yogi Akal. Half an hour prior to his phone call I was sweating it out in the locker room at work. I kept reading over my questions and practicing them out loud. My phone rang exactly at 12:30 p.m. and suddenly, I had a huge lump in my throat.

“Good afternoon, this is Amy speaking.” Dork! “Hello, Amy. This is Yogi.” The instant I heard his voice, my heart stopped racing and I could suddenly swallow with ease. Every bit of positive energy and spirituality from this man was teleporting right through my iPhone. Maybe this wasn’t going to be so life-threatening after all?

Before my interview with Yogi, I did a little bit of research. Seems he has been helping people attain “optimal well-being” and “personal success” since 1973. Using the numbers in a person’s birthday, this is Yogi’s starting point to move forward to determine the path this person’s life is going to take. Each month determines a life’s direction, and maps out an individual’s career, personal success or relationship status. Since I certainly didn’t want to give Yogi my birthday, and hear something that maybe I didn’t want to hear, my questions were focused on something else: the 2014 Grammy Awards!

I haven’t been this excited about the Grammys since, well, maybe I’ve never been this excited about the Grammys before now. With names like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Paul McCartney and the remaining members of Nirvana, and David Bowie, how could any avid music lover miss this night? I already have my favorites picked out for the winners, but what if I had a little insight before Sunday? Enter Yogi Akal, numerologist extraordinaire, and my list of nominees that I was curious about to know who would take home the golden gramophone.


Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke featuring T.I. Pharrell. Is this the song he performed with Miley Cyrus and the foam finger bit at the MTV Music Awards? I don’t think I was really listening. Unaware that Robin Thicke is the son of Growing Pain’s actor dad, Alan Thicke, Yogi was a little unsure about this one. Simply to him the one that stood out was Robin Thicke. Personally, I think Imagine Dragons is going to take this one. 


Black Sabbath with 13. Against Ozzy and the gang in this category was one of Yogi’s personal favorites, David Bowie. He found it tricky not to pick him, but strictly based on numerology, Sabbath should take the prize. If so, let’s hope Ozzy isn’t the one that gives the acceptance speech, and if he does, let’s hope there’s an interpreter!


“Just Give Me A Reason” by Pink featuring Nate Ruess from F.U.N. Of all the singers and songwriters in this group, Pink was the one who stood out to win this one followed closely by Lorde. Every time I catch Pink’s song on the radio, I must turn it up and belt it out, and afterwards, it’s stuck in my head for hours. I’m hoping for Pink on this one, too.


“Panic Station” by Muse. This category carries some really big names. Paul McCartney, Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic and Pat Smear with their song “Cut Me Some Slack” vs. “God is Dead” by Geezer Butler, Tony Iommi and Ozzy Osburne to me is better than watching the Super Bowl. Yogi found it hard to pick between the two because both McCartney and Butler were showing signs of life shift in the next couple of years. My first thought when I heard Yogi say this was that I hope it didn’t mean death. Again, strictly based on numerology, “Panic Station” by Muse may just surprise all. 


Jack White. Yogi foresees Mr. White having lots of changes in his life, possibly veering away from music and venturing into something like acting or even photography. Although my heart yearns for Queens of the Stone Age to take this one, I would be pleasantly surprised if Jack White wins.

None of the categories I chose showcased Taylor Swift. For an artist who bases their career on break-up songs, and hasn’t been in the dating spotlight lately, I was curious to hear what Yogi had to say about her. According to Yogi, this year is not going to be her year, and in fact, despite being 24, she still has a lot of growing up to do. Rigged with issues in her life, it sounded like she shouldn’t trust anybody and really isn’t in control of her life like she thinks. Sorry, Taylor, but maybe you are going to wish you were still 22 this year.

After speaking with Yogi, I am even more excited to watch the Grammys and maybe even a little less afraid of making phone calls. Hosted by LL Cool J and with musical performances to die for, be sure to tune in this Sunday, January 26, 2014 on CBS!


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