Patrick Cherry of La Luna Sound which is based in Denver, Colorado was on hand at their booth at the 2014 NAMM Summer Show in Nashville, TN to explain their innovative process of manufacturing their exotic line of hardwood guitar picks. While some musicians like the warm, rich tone of a hardwood guitar pick, others don’t like the thickness of the wood pick. We’ve experienced hardwood guitar picks where the tip has broken off during play.

According to La Luna, they have solved these problems with their patent pending process for manufacturing guitar and mandolin picks that are strong and resilient, yet flexible and, I must say, beautiful.

Utilizing very, very thin sheets of exotic hardwoods, the folks at La Luna take a layer of wood, add an internal layer of silk for strength and binding, and then finish it off with another layer of wood. These layers are glued together using 1,000+ pounds of pressure. After setting, the picks are cut and sanded.

The end result – beautiful hardwood guitar picks that are thinner, more flexible, sound great, and quite affordable. Packs of three picks can be purchased for $10.50 and are available in rosewood, tiger wood and cocobolo on their site HERE.

And for conservationists out there, La Luna assures us they care deeply about the environment. They personally guarantee that the woods they utilize comply with all international treaties and laws protecting endangered hardwoods, and even give back to causes that encourage sustainable harvesting techniques in Central and South America.

Patrick shared with us this YouTube video where the sound of La Luna picks can be heard.



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