By Steve McKinley

Saturday is madness at NAMM! The masses descend so traffic, parking and the lines to get in are beyond insane, so you’re lucky to get through the doors by 11AM.

After being at NAMM for three days, one begins to realize it has its own unique magnetic attraction. When away, you can’t wait to get back. Also, you start to notice “NAMMs-formations” taking place – you get so busy you forget to eat lunch, you’ve gotten accustomed to seeing stars walking around, and you no longer need your NAMM map as you can instinctively navigate your way around.

A few funny mishaps that happened to me during NAMM were my atomic wrist watch died, my man bag tore in two, and I wounded by iPhone I pushed it so hard.

As mentioned, Day Three is jam packed so you really need to focus on where you’re going as it takes a lot longer to get anywhere. I started my action packed day with an interview with the lovely but lethal VK Lynne; next with the passionate and hot-blooded Eljuri, and then the powerful yet playful Iron Maidens. Combined, these ladies made for quite an impressionable first half of my day. Late day interviews with Janet Robin and Vicki Peterson of The Bangles rounded out a day of electrifying ladies.

Guitarist VK Lynne
VK Lynne
Latina Rocker Eljuri at NAMM 2014

`The Iron Maidens at the Peavey Booth at Winter NAMM 2014The Iron Maidens

Guitarist Janet Robin
Janet Robin
 Vicki Peterson at Daisy Rock Booth at NAMM 2014
Vicki Peterson

It was only in the last hour of the day did I get the chance to check out some cool offerings like the PRS amplifiers, Coffin Case custom cases, Zemaitis guitars, and David Gilmour’s Hiwatt half stack which was modified by master amp guru, Pete Cornish.

On the long plane ride home, sifting through my thoughts, I concluded that:

1.  If NAMM lasted a month, you probably still wouldn’t be able to see everything you wanted.
2.  The networking, ideas generated and the addictive excitement are its crown jewels.
3.  With its best-of-the-best gear, top industry leaders, and incredible displays of talented performers, the experience of Winter NAMM show is second to none.

Hmm…now what to wear next year?


Cover Photo Credit: Jesse Grant/Getty Images for NAMM
Story Photos Credit: Steve McKinley


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