RedSonic introduced their new stackable, lightweight amplifiers at Summer NAMM 2014 in Nashville, TN. In a press release issued prior to the show, Jonathan Redmond, the inventor/owner of RedSonic Sound talked about his vision behind his new product. “It’s about time that any musician with a vision and a belief in themselves had something available to help them realize their dreams. It’s long overdue in a world where technology changes all the time but speaker cabinets for musicians haven’t changed much in 100 years.”

He further stated, “Young players want great sound, but can’t afford a big stack and have no way to transport it around by themselves. People don’t need to agonize and spend a lot of money to get going. RedSonic evens the playing field. Professionals want sounds exactly as they hear them in their heads and this technology affords them that opportunity.”

Not only do the speakers sound great, but they look great, too.  The round black, sleek design is with red trim offers a contemporary look; and they are lightweight, portable and easy to assemble — making them a perfect fit for the DIY traveling musician, especially a DJ or solo act. Transporting heavy speakers/cabinets can be awkward and cumbersome to maneuver, however, the RedSonic amps can be picked up and packed easily by just one person.

If you’re interested in a different look, RedSonic offers a higher end product that can be customized to your liking.

Jonathan, a musician himself, showed us the tracking system on the top of the round units that create the ability to stack them on top of each other creating a “wall of sound.”

The price point on these gems start as low as $49 and up and are made in the USA.

For more information on specific products and specifications, and to get on the preorder list, visit their site HERE.

RedSonic is currently running a contest for a lucky winner to receive a pair of their amplifiers. For details on how to enter, click HERE.


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