Legendary audio brand is showcasing XMC-1 7.2-channel AV preamp/processor, Airmotiv powered studio monitors, and Big Ego compact digital-to-analog converter

NASHVILLE, TN, July 8, 2015—Emotiva Audio Corporation, the company whose passion for immaculate sound and design has redefined high-performance pro audio for end-users at every level, is exhibiting advanced technology models at Summer NAMM this week. Attendees at the National Association of Music Merchants’ popular and intimate mid-year gathering will be able to experience several of Emotiva’s most popular pro products at the show, being held at the Nashville Music City Center.

In the spotlight will be the XMC-1 7.2-channel AV preamp/processor, the Airmotiv 4s, 5s, 6s and Stealth 8 powered studio monitors, and the Big Ego Precision 32/384 USB Digital to Analog Converter.

Emotiva xmc-1The XMC-1 redefines affordable surround audio in the studio, whether it is the screening room, mastering lab, or a high performance A/V installation. The XMC-1 features a true-balanced audiophile signal path, along with high-performance HDMI video switching that supports up to 4K/60Hz. Also featured is Dirac Live for Emotiva room correction, the company’s own custom version of Dirac Live, the most advanced room correction system available today. Dirac Live offers capabilities that extend far beyond those of typical consumer-grade room correction. The Dirac Live engine is built right into the XMC-1 itself and each unit sold includes its own calibrated measurement microphone.

The XMC-1 (SRP: $2,499.00) is manufactured in the U.S.A., and was the first product to be made at Emotiva’s Nashville, Tennessee Production Center. It offers audio performance and sound quality that easily competes with the best analog preamps on the market, combined with video performance and features that rival home theater preamp/processors that cost as much as ten times the price.

Emotiva Studio Monitors – Acclaimed for Price and Performance

Emotiva airmotiv-4sThe Airmotiv 4s powered studio monitor packs a tremendous value into 1/3 cubic feet per speaker – whether used by a pro seeking a compact, accurate near-field monitor or an audiophile looking for impeccable sonics for a desktop system. It can be used to create accurate mixes or to replace modest computer speakers with accurate ones that deliver absolutely stunning sound. A pair of the 4s can also be connected to a portable CD player or MP3 player to create a terrific mini sound system for an office or other small room.

The 4s can be connected directly to a preamp, DAC, or AV preamp to create an advanced movie or music monitoring system. Unlike many small monitors, the 9.5” high x 6.25” wide x 7.5” deep Airmotiv 4s (SRP: $299.00 a pair) employ precision Class AB bi-amplification – separate amps for the woofer and high-frequency transducer.

Emotiva airmotiv-5sLike the 4s, the Airmotiv 5s powered studio monitor combines design and technology cues from Emotiva’s flagship Stealth speaker line in a compact and very affordable package offering 50 watts of power per channel. Also like the Airmotiv4s, a 5s pair can be used as near-field monitors for a pro studio or, with an iPod or other audio sources, for a small room or office stereo. The 5s, like the 4s, uses precision Class AB bi-amplification, and can be connected directly to a preamp, DAC, or AV preamp.

The 10.9’ high x 7.125’ wide x 8.375” deep Airmotiv 5s (SRP: $349.00 a pair) can be used as small monitors for a home sound studio, as an audio upgrade for a high-end flat-panel TV or video monitor, or as compact satellite speakers for a small, high-end surround monitoring system.


Emotiva airmotiv-6sThe Airmotiv 6s powered studio monitor can be used in much the same way as the 4s and 5s, but offers a step up in performance and really soars with those applications that demand accurate full range sound, extremely low distortion, great imaging, and consistently excellent performance. The 13.4” high x 8.4” wide x 11.3” deep Airmotiv 6s (SRP: $499.00) touts several of the same features as the 4s and 5s, but boasts a more powerful 210 watts of power per channel with precision-matched drivers, among other enhanced features.

“The bottom end extension and midrange detail are impressive for a speaker this size,” Record Producer and Mastering Engineer Ronnie Thomas said of the airmotiv6s. There’s “nothing like it in this price range,” he said, calling it his “go to near field speaker for audio mastering.”


Emotiva stealth 8NAMM TEC nominee (2014) Emotiva Pro Stealth 8 powered Airmotiv studio monitor underscores the company’s quest for the ultimate in sound accuracy, and is for the most demanding studio pros to use in their high-end music and home theater systems.

One important part of the Stealth line’s accuracy comes via its exclusive Airmotiv high-frequency and low-frequency drivers. The Stealth 8 boasts frequency response specified to within +/- 1.75dB over the entire bandwidth of the monitor instead of the much more common +/-3dB that’s found in most monitors. 

The typical high-frequency driver on the market moves air by pushing it. The problem with that is the output is limited by the mechanical properties of the diaphragm. As excursion increases, distortion jumps dramatically. Emotiva’s Airmotiv high-frequency driver, on the other hand, moves air by compression, meaning that it literally squeezes the air in between the pleats in its folded diaphragm. The result is that smaller excursions are needed for the same output, dramatically decreasing any distortion.

Each Stealth monitor is individually measured and calibrated at the factory to within 1dB of the company’s reference standard. The 16.5” high x 12” wide x 15” deep Stealth 8 (SRP: $749.00) features two 200-watt amplifiers in each monitor, for total power of 400 watts per monitor, or 800 watts per pair. That power enables Emotiva to deliver 120dB near-field peaks for handling even the most dynamic works with headroom to spare.

Compact DAC, Powerful Performer

Emotiva Big EgoNew to the Emotiva line-up, Big Ego is a compact and affordable USB digital-to-analog converter that elevates mobile mixing and mastering to studio standards, with a piece of equipment that measure a mere 5-3/8” long x 2” wide x 3/4” deep. Despite its diminutive size, Big Ego boasts reference quality D-to-A conversion that is typically associated with studio productions.

“An entire generation of music lovers have very little understanding of how full and rich music should really sound,” Dan Laufman, President of Emotiva, said when announcing the converter. “Earbuds and digital compression are useful tools, but they have drastically lowered the bar for audio,” he said.  The Big Ego was, “designed to restore sonics to their full potential, returning detail, texture, harmonics and other highly desirable ‘analog’ characteristics to digital audio sources,” he said.

The Big Ego (SRP: $229.00), featuring a USB interface, is designed for listening to desktop and personal audio at a true audiophile standard, a quality that is critical to working with recordings when on the road. It transforms digital files into full range, high resolution audio with performance rivaling a full-size component.

The high-quality, low-impedance, direct coupled headphone output on Big Ego provides high performance headphone amplification, yet it will drive all standard headphones, delivering stellar audio purity. The dedicated line output on the Big Ego can be connected to virtually any audio system.

Windows® and Mac® computers treat Big Ego as they would a sound card. It connects easily to any computer with an external USB audio source, playing any audio file that can be played on a PC. Most Apple computers already have the drivers to support outputs up to 384kHz.  Microsoft Windows drivers natively support sample rates up to 96k. To let Big Ego play higher-resolution audio files up to 384k, users only need to install Emotiva Big Ego drivers for Windows. Drivers are available as free downloads at www.emotiva.com.  


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