At first glance, one wouldn’t guess that Anna Rose, the adorably petite blonde with the sugary name, is a fearless, unabashed, mind-blowingly talented Rock and Roll powerhouse.  But, Rose, in fact, is walking, singing proof that big things most definitely come in small packages. It’s no wonder that Pancakes and Whiskey declares her a “complete badass.” 

Rose recently announced her new EP, Strays In The Cut, a collection of six mesmerizing tracks that find the singer/songwriter pushing her music boundaries. The EP will be released via Noble Steed Music (known for Pat McGee and Tony Lucca’s self titled albums, as well as Brendan James’ acclaimed Simplify).  “We are thrilled to be working with Anna Rose and her powerful new EP,” says founder of Noble Steed Music, Jason Spiewak. The six track collection will be out Spring of 2016.  

Start A War,” premiered exclusively via Interview Magazine. The publication raved, “The song is fueled by Rose’s serene voice, a simple guitar, and soothing percussion.”The song is available via all digital outlets.

The visually stunning video follows which excusively premiered via Paper Magazine. Directed by Shruti Ganguly (of the production company, Fictionless), the video touches on loss. More specifically, losing your dream job after taking the strides to rise the ladder. The video encapsulates the emotions of being laid off in a beautifully delicate and metaphorical fashion while taking the viewer through a range of emotions like anger, humiliation, defeat, but ultimately hopefulness. The official music video for “Start A War” intends to leave the audience with a sense of promise, and the feeling of having the world in your hands. 

Ganguly says, “In ‘Start A War,’ we encounter a man who goes through these steps as he walks out with all his belongings, out of a very corporate looking office, amidst a slew of corporate buildings. As he deals with this new reality and is challenged by it, we ultimately realize, as does he, that he’s not alone. That other people before, at that time, and in the future, will go through this, and that he shouldn’t lose faith. And perhaps, if anything, he should pay attention to that inner kid, that once-upon-a-time dream. Our character had gotten caught up in the rat race and now, here is an opportunity to start again, and remember what he originally may have wanted to do with his life.” 

Strays in the Cut is the much-anticipated follow-up to Rose’s Behold a Pale Horse, which Flashwounds declared a “deep swirl of Blues and Rock and Roll” that “beautifully represents the many dark and beautiful corridors of the human heart.”  Behold a Pale Horse introduced us to Rose’s dynamic voice and effortless command of the guitar; each song highlighted by attitude and pure grit.  Undoubtedly, Behold a Pale Horse cemented Rose as a veritable force, with hard-driving Rock and dirty Blues coursing through her veins. When The Gramophone Rings called her, “something of a rare breed” and claimed she is, “a singer-songwriter with an ear to 90s pop-rock and a penchant for big hooks, her sound is straightforward, even earnest, with a focus on performance over production.

In 2012, Rose also gained attention for her sultry take on Arcade Fire’s “My Body is a Cage,” which is currently available for download on iTunesCover Me Songspremiered the track, affirming, “The sparse cover showcases her effortlessly soulful singing.” Since then, Rose has shared the stage with a variety of notable artists, including: Crystal Bowersox, Howie Day, Teddy Geiger, Tyler Hilton and founding member of Live, Ed Kowalczyk. The consummate artist, Rose lets her spirit shine through with every performance, while captivated fans hang on every note. 

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