Thursday, June 22, 2017
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Metal Distortion Adds Aggressive Attitude to NEXI Industries’ Effect Pedals Lineup


AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS (May 23, 2017) — True bypass and true metal, NEXI Industries’ new Metal Distortion (MTD-01) electric guitar effect pedal has the aggression and heavy tone players need for the right amount of attitude on their pedal board. Metal Distortion comes fully loaded and enables players to simply plug ‘n play—‘n preach to the choir of head bangers.

Documentary about female stagehands in the IATSE Local 16 Stagehands Union in San Francisco, CA


An interesting short documentary about female stagehands in the IATSE Local 16 Stagehands Union in San Francisco, CA.

Product Review: Michael Kelly Guitars 1955 Enlightened Electric Guitar


If you are under the assumption that an expensive guitar will always be better than a lower priced one, you would be mistaken. It is possible to find some brands which provide some great sounding guitars made from quality materials at a reasonable price. A good example of this would be The Michael Kelly Guitars Enlightened 55 electric guitar from their ultralight line of guitars.

Poetry in Motion: Exploring the Creative Process with Singer/Songwriter Angie Bruyere


Angie Bruyere is ecstatic — the kind of over-the-moon ecstatic that guitar players experience when they acquire a new instrument. The singer/songwriter recently became an endorsing artist for D’Angelico Guitars and the proud owner of a new acoustic. “They gifted me an Excel Gramercy, I have already written four songs on it, and I’ve only had it for two weeks,” she says. “It’s such an amazing thing to me when I get a new guitar and songs just flow.”

Debra Devi’s New Single & Music Video Premiere “Shake It”


“Shake It” is the second music video and advance single from rock musician Debra Devi’s upcoming EP Wild Little Girl (True Nature Records). “Shake It” will be screened May 20 at Maxwell’s in Hoboken NJ, where Devi’s band will play at 10 pm with Papermaker (9 pm) and Drum and a Tantrum (8 pm).

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Summer is Here – Get Your Music On!


After long hours of working and studying, it is finally time for some summer musical fun! One of the best ways you can enjoy your time off and improve your playing skills is to attend a summer music camp.  Here are some options for the ultimate summer musical fun!

High-Fidelity Earplugs Becoming The Hearing Health Solution at Concerts


Musicians, Ushers and Fans Are Using High-Fidelity Earplugs
To Hear Better and Protect Their Ears

Elk Grove Village, IL – May 17, 2017 — One of the hottest products trending on Amazon right now are high-fidelity earplugs. Earplug sales are booming, with ETY•Plugs® and ER20•XS® earplugs by Etymotic Research – products that protect with clarity rather than muffling the sound – leading the way. “People wearing high-fidelity earplugs at music events actually end up hearing loud music better than those who don’t,” says Rick Carlson, Etymotic’s Customer Service Supervisor.

Product Review: Taylor Guitars Academy 10e Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar


In an aim to provide an affordable guitar with good quality craftsmanship and ease of playability, Taylor launched for 2017 the new entry-level Academy Series. I am testing out their 2017 model Taylor Academy 10e acoustic/electric guitar featuring a dreadnought body, solid Sitka Spruce top, layered arched laminate Sapele back and sides (similar to Taylor’s GS, Baby, 100, and 200), African ebony fingerboard and bridge, Nubone nut, and Micarta saddle.

Cort Guitars Sets New Gold Standard in Tone


SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA —It’s an acoustic guitar series that has been designed with a total focus on sound with such detail that the player will hear the difference upon first strum. The craftsmen at Cort are calling the Cort Gold Series the best acoustic guitar they have ever built. It’s a series that sets a new standard—the Gold standard—in the acoustic market.



U.S. Tour Launches May 13

“With Under Blue Skies, CALICO has made an album that slides seamlessly into my alphabetized record collection just after Jackson Browne, Tim Buckley, the Buffalo Springfield and the Byrds. Right where it belongs.”  – Veteran Journalist, Bud Scoppa