She was born in Iran, but it was a clash between her family’s religion and that country’s hard-line revolution which inspired them to emigrate to the United States. Shirley Levi is the kind of woman who has channeled the...
Singer/ songwriter/guitarist, Lisa Loeb, who was nominated for a Grammy in 1994 for the song “Stay (I Missed You)” from the film “Reality Bites,” has had a long and interesting career. Lisa Loeb is also the only artist to ever have a number one Billboard pop song while not being signed to a recording contract. “Stay (I Missed You)” helped in propelling her into a long, successful career in music, singer/songwriting, film, television, voice-over work, children’s recordings and eyeglass designer with her own line of glasses at Lisa Loeb Eyewear. I recently had the pleasure of speaking with the talented musician and learning more about her musical influences, present day guitarists, her guitars of choice, and the making of her latest album No Fairy Tale.
Sue Phillips is the Founder and President of Scenterprises, a global marketing and branding consulting company she started in 1990. Her background in the cosmetics and fragrance industry began with Elizabeth Arden and grew from there where she worked for some of the biggest names in the industry - Chloe, Lagerfeld, Lancôme, Paris, and was the Vice President of Fragrance Marketing for Tiffany & Company and developed the first iconic TIFFANY perfume for their 150th anniversary. 
When a musical artist re-invents him/herself, it is more than just a rising of the phoenix from the ashes. Sometimes, it is a whole new re-birth of a musical sound as well. Moreover, when a performer does it many times, and each time with a powerful outcome, the music world is obliged to take notice. 
Last year, I first heard of a hard-rocking, female-fronted band called Sunshine & Bullets on a popular Tampa Bay radio program called The Bubba the Love Sponge Show. Say what you want about Bubba, but one thing you got to give him credit for is that he regularly features unsigned bands. To that extent, Bubba’s invited such bands, including Sunshine & Bullets, to send in their best material, particularly original tunes, for him and his sidekicks to review.
She's only in her early mid-20s and has performed with seasoned country music veterans, writes songs and sings music, well beyond her years, including performing with seasoned music veterans Jamie O'Neal, Wynonna Judd, Leon Russell, and Restless Heart. She is 26 years old and is wise beyond her years, Rachele Lynae. 
Guitarist Terri McCoy is a Portland, OR native who’s made her mark on the Los Angeles scene. A Musicians Institute Graduate, Terri has played in bands tearing up the sunset strip and has toured worldwide. She’s also a session player for Hollywood's Local 47, worked on T.V. shows and films. Playing guitar since she was eight years old, her playing has been compared to Jimi Page and EVH. Guitar Girl Magazine caught up with the “Guitar Girl” to talk about her inspirations, magical moments and the music coming from her. 
On a warm, spring evening, I paid a visit to a pub in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida, which had a courtyard right in front of it. It was there that I got to enjoy a live set by a female singer and guitarist who’s probably one of the more creative in terms of how she plays the guitar. 
Australia has been a great source for popular music over the past decade. While Keith Urban has been topping the country charts and Kasey Chambers has been an Americana-format stalwart, one lady has proven to be a powerhouse both as a guitarist and singer over the past few years. Anne McCue has created a strong buzz in Nashville with her six-string prowess, and has gained accolades from well-known performers such as songstress Lucinda Williams.
Meet Eilidh McKellar, a 19 year old singer and guitarist from Edinburgh, Scotland that has been described by Bob Harris, Whispers, of the BBC Radio One as “Cool as a cucumber, Eilidh plays like a seasoned veteran, just quiet confidence and genuine virtuosity.”  McKellar has released two tracks off of her upcoming album Delta Devil Dreams, due out later this year, with Grammy award winning producer Guy Eckstine after he discovered her on YouTube.  She has had the honor of gracing the stage at the Hammersmith Apollo with the legendary Joe his request!