Sunday, June 24, 2018
Now musicians can play endlessly with their favorite iRig accessories on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
Press Release:  Taylor Guitars is known for advancing the design of the acoustic guitar, setting a modern course for playability, tone and style. In 2014, the company unveiled a comprehensive redesign of its flagship rosewood/spruce 800 Series to industry and media accolades, adding to its legacy as one of Taylor’s most popular acoustic guitar offerings. This year Taylor has applied the same forward-thinking vision to its maple 600 Series, connecting maple’s rich musical history with its stable environmental outlook as an important tonewood of the future.
Press Release:  BOSS is pleased to announce the BB-1X Bass Driver, a special edition compact pedal for bass players. Featuring unique BOSS technology, the BB-1X delivers bold, punchy sounds, exceptional versatility, and pro connectivity. Far more than a standard bass stompbox, the BB-1X is like a preamp, capturing the essence of the user’s bass, amp, and playing to emphasize all their best characteristics.
Custom Voicing Circuit for the Blues Cube Amplifier Series
eMedia Showcased many new products for 2015 at the Winter NAMM 2015 show in Anaheim, CA.  Collections include:
Press Release:  eMedia Music Corp., publisher of the world's best-selling series of music tutorial software, announces the release of the new eMedia Singing For Dummies® Level 2 and an upgrade to the eMedia Singing For Dummies® software. The new Performance Evaluation feature in eMedia Singing For Dummies® Level 2 and the upgraded eMedia Singing For Dummies® software makes learning to sing even easier by showing where you sang flat, sharp or in tune, and grades your performance for an entire piece. 
Press Release:  eMedia Music Corp., publisher of the world's best-selling series of music tutorial software and DVDs annouced at Winter NAMM 2015 a new partnership with Adium Software Inc. to develop and distribute a new series of music theory software. 
Affordably priced amplifier provides 500 Watts of powerful, rich low end in a light and compact package
Innovative bass amp delivers a wealth of classic Peavey® tone in a compact, 9-pound package
It was a beautiful, cool sunny day at the Anaheim Convention Center in Southern California.  The center was abuzz with members of the media, exhibitors, attendees checking into their hotels, sound checks at the many stages throughout the center, and people just eager to get a glimpse behind-the-scenes at The NAMM Show 2015.