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Taylor Guitar Artists Talk Acoustics

Crafted at the intersection of rich sound and player-friendly design, the Taylor Guitars lineup is shaped by a focus on tone-enhancing innovation, playability and exceptional service. From the beginner-focused Academy Series to the luxuriously appointed Presentation Series, Taylor’s acoustic guitars offer a rich array of sounds to suit every kind of guitarist at every skill level. It starts with premium tonewoods and precision craftsmanship guided by a commitment to comfort, clarity and balance, with features attuned to meeting the needs of everyday musicians. From the easy-playing, highly adjustable Taylor Neck to the sonic power of V-Class internal bracing architecture, every element of a Taylor guitar is finely crafted for the ideal playing experience. Together with world-class customer service and an industry-leading commitment to environmental responsibility through replanting programs and urban wood initiatives that reduce the impact on the world’s forests, it’s no wonder Taylor makes some of the world’s best-selling acoustic guitars.


woman holding taylor guitar
“I go between playing my Taylor GTe (pictured) and the GS mini. There’s a warmth and crispness that is signature to Taylor, and I love how full-bodied the sound is. My favorite thing is curling up on my couch and letting the guitar speak through me as I play different chords. Many of my songs began this way, and before I knew it, I had a progression that started to flow.”
 – Andy Allo 
“I’ve played Taylor Guitars my entire career, but the Academy 12 is my little bestie that goes with me everywhere! I love writing, jamming, and even recording demos with it. My all-time favorite is letting kids who have never tried a guitar play it on the fly. Their eyes light up as they realize, “Hey, I can do this!” and to me, THAT is why I play music. I love this guitar because it allows me to instantly connect wherever I go. THAT is why I’m alive!” 

– JUNO The Artist 

woman and young girl holding guitar
woman holding guitar “My Taylor acoustic guitar is consistent and reliable: it stays in tune, even when I’ve taken it in a soft case on an airplane, it feels good in my hands, and because there’s so much ease in the way it feels to play it, I’m inspired in quiet moments to find new chords and chord progressions. The audiences at live shows also say it sounds rich and speaks to them. I have a few Taylors, but I’ve been playing my custom 512c for over 30 years, and I love it.”

– Lisa Loeb 

“I love my Taylor Grand Pacific because it’s the perfect balance of dark and bright. It has the dark warm tones that I love so much while also being bright, resonant and present. Whenever I play a show, it’s just the two of us on stage. I couldn’t ask for a better bandmate to harmonize with.” 

– Raye Zaragoza



girl holding guitar

Photo by Bailey Cooper

female guitarist onstage performingPhoto by Julio Miranda “I bought my first Taylor guitar many years ago, It was a 214ce, and I spent countless hours practicing and developing my skills as a guitarist. Many dreams and aspirations were built up with her, and to this day, I’m grateful to always have a Taylor guitar accompanying me throughout my career. My 814ce and my 12 string have given me the best tone and comfort to play on the biggest stages and perform.”

– Sus Vasquez



“The first time I played the 512ce, I fell in love! It feels so comfortable in my hands; I haven’t been able to put it down. The Urban Iron Bark sides and Spruce top create the perfect combination of a warm and bright tone that sounds perfect for the kind of music I play! This guitar has sparked an array of fresh and new ideas out of me!” 

– Taylor Gamble

girl playing guitar onstage

 All photos provided by Taylor Guitars with permission to use.

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