Boaz One – Introducing A Truly Affordable, Fully Modular Guitar

This modular guitar combines more than 50 guitar variations into one high quality guitar


Tel-Aviv, Israel, July 30th. Boaz Elkayam, an internationally renowned luthier based in Israel and his team are bringing to market a one of a kind electric guitar. More than a quarter of a century in development, the Boaz One Team delivers the first fully modular, solid body electric guitar. Made with creative freedom, durability, and affordability in mind, the Boaz One guitar combines more than 50 guitar variations into one high quality guitar.

The Boaz One will allow you to mix up the feel of the guitar and different sounds, to create the ultimate jamming experience. It features 3 main modular parts: Pickups, body, and bridge. For the pickups there are currently 3 different types of pickup cassettes. You’ll have the option between one single coil, three single coil, and humbucker pickups.

Boaz has joined together with Kent Armstrong to develop a line of cutting edge pickup modules that will reflect the state of the art in pickup design and include many of the innovations that Kent is famous for. The Boaz line of pickup modules designed by Kent, will include exclusive switching systems that will open up an entirely new world of sonic choices.

There are also 3 interchangeable body options for the Boaz One each providing a different feel. First is the winged body design for the minimalistic look and feel. This body also makes sure you never have to worry about losing your pick by featuring a built in pick holder. The second body is the beautifully crafted “full body” design to give that high-end look. The third body option is the “speaker body”. Featuring a built in high quality speaker + amplifier, this body is great for playing outdoors and even saves you money by replacing the need to buy an external amplifier. Both the full body and speaker design also feature a unique built in stand, allowing players to set down their guitar anywhere, anytime, and without worry.

Lastly the modular bridge. The Boaz One features 2 bridge options to fit the players needs. The first is a fixed bridge that produces optimal tone for the player. The second option is a total fine tuning adjustable bridge. It features a wheel and key that provides you with a self-adjusting system of actions and intonations. You will be able to easily adjust and fine-tune each and every string on its own.

Several of the best guitarists in Nashville and New York got a chance to play the Boaz One and declared it to be extraordinary. Tony Garnier, Bob Dylan’s music director, band leader and bass guitarist was so impressed he asked Boaz to develop a bass version for him. Richie Owens from Dolly Parton’s band, a man who has worked with everyone from The Rolling Stones to The Georgia Satellites to Leon Russell declared it to be a work of genius.

“I wanted to create a high quality guitar that can be played by guitarists of all levels. The Boaz One is a guitar that grows with you. Whether you are a beginner player or a legend like Richie Owens, the Boaz One can cater to all your needs. Just as important, the Boaz One is made to be affordable enough that anyone can experience the feeling of playing on a high quality guitar. People spend thousands of dollars on high quality guitars and I believe this is unfair! I created the Boaz One to shake up the guitar industry and change the standards of pricing for high quality guitars, making them accessible to the masses”.

The durability of the Boaz One comes from its unique material make up. The entire guitar, except for the inside of the neck is made from a durable reinforced plastic. Plastic allows the guitar to withstand most bumps and bruises as well as humidity, moisture, and even keeps the fret boards from twisting. So you never have to take your guitar in for a setup again!

“One of the most frustrating issues with a standard guitar is the lack of durability. They are extremely susceptible to chips, cracks, and deformations leading to constantly taking the guitar in for a new setup. A durable reinforced plastic was the perfect solution for this problem and with the help of my team we were able to maintain high quality feel and sound. All the while making setting the Boaz One apart from all other guitars when it comes to durability”.

On July 30th, 2019 guitar players will finally get the opportunity to begin their journey into a whole new era of guitar design and technology. The Boaz One team will launch an IndieGoGo campaign to raise the cash necessary to complete the development process and begin manufacturing and delivering the Boaz One. The Boaz One will be starting at $249.

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  1. Hello I just read about the Boaz modular guitar And i am very interested :::a question does the guitar comes with a tremolo bar? thanks for your relpy Collard Serge


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