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Blackbird Guitars launched with a single product at the 2007 NAMM Show—a carbon fiber travel guitar. Since then, we’ve developed a natural tone-wood replacer called Ekoa. Now our entire Blackbird line of guitars and ukuleles are made of the plant fiber and resin composite. This show we are debuting a new version of our material named Ekoa M—now standard on all instrument backs and sides, while the original Ekoa used for our tops is remaining unchanged.

 Ekoa M is a stronger, more stable replacement for tropical hardwood, and like the Ekoa used on Blackbird tops, imparts a natural and dynamic tone to our instruments. Ekoa M, being made of natural flax fibers, has a familiar warmth, look and feel. In fact, the only give away that it is not wood is the ‘3D natural grain’ that gracefully accentuates Blackbird’s sculptural details. We are passionate about pushing instrument design forward through materials and have happily seen strong sales of our Ekoa instruments based on their tonally superiority. Customers also appreciate that Ekoa is largely impervious to weather and humidity, aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly. As tonewoods are becoming increasingly scarce, we believe this is the way of the future and why we’ve transitioned all our models to Ekoa. Come see our latest instruments at Blackbird’s booth 2410 or on our sitewww.blackbirdguitar.com.

·  All Ekoa models feature and Ekoa top and new “Ekoa M” finish back and sides.

·  Ekoa is an aerospace grade material that is also CO2 negative, learn more about Ekoa via spin-off company Lingrove: www.lingrove.com

·  Sunburst and other finishes by request now live via dealers and Blackbird custom shop


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