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OMB Guitars will introduce its revolutionary OneManBand at the 2018 NAMM Show in Anaheim, booth 2050 (Level E and Hall E). OneManBand is an innovative guitar technology that adjusts to guitar playing in real-time and lets guitarists play other instrument sounds with no latency. Available as a guitar upgrade kit, or an all-in-one acoustic or electric guitar with the technology pre-installed, OneManBand provides a revolutionary way to play guitar that can be taken anywhere, while greatly enhancing the sound and musical capabilities of the instrument.

OneManBand generates an artistic arrangement of backing guitar, bass, piano, drums, and strings/horns in a wide variety of styles including rock, pop, jazz, soul, R&B, classical, country, etc. OMB’s patented technology detects signals from the guitar strings, converting them to digital data without any latency. Signals are detected when holding any note on the fretboard, without even strumming the strings. The downloadable app (for iOS and Android devices) picks up those signals, enabling the guitarist to choose features such as auto accompaniment, solo playing, record and more.

There are a few ways OneManBand can be integrated by a musician: three custom-designed guitars with the technology built-in: two acoustic versions and one electric version; an Upgrade Kit for adding OMB to any guitar; and a pedal for hands-free OMB control.

There are three modes of playing OneManBand. In Playback mode, the device allows the guitarist to add the rich sound of a full backup band. In Instrument mode, the device will mimic the real sounds of a violin, keyboard, an accordion or other instruments. In Studio mode, the guitar becomes a MIDI controller that is perfect for composing.

OneManBand is unlike anything ever seen or heard before, giving a guitarist a wide range of musical capabilities. It goes seamlessly from stage or road trip to playing in the park or just chilling in your room.

There are endless styles for every musician. The OMB app enables guitarists to add auto accompaniment by choosing styles, rhythms, and tempos from basic rock and pop to salsa to custom branded styles that can be downloaded from the OMB online store. It also works with any MIDI auto-accompaniment devices. The app also enables playing solo with a wide selection of instruments, shows the chords that are being played, records what is being played and more. All these features provide the guitarist with a robust playing experience and countless musical capabilities.

The OMB Upgrade Kit starts at $129, OMB Inside acoustic guitars start at $249; and OMB Inside electric guitars start at $449. For more info about OneManBand, visit www.ombguitars.com.

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