Connector Allows Performers to Adjust Volume for Improved Sound Control on Stage

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JACKSON, MO, JANUARY 23, 2018– RapcoHorizon, the manufacturer of the music industry’s best cables, snakes and pro audio solutions, will be showcasing an update to the Volume Control Cable (V-Cable) at NAMM 2018 (Booth #11610). The updated V-Cable is equipped with a new muting function and an improved design to enhance the cord’s existing strengths. RapcoHorizon will also highlight its BTIBLOX (Bluetooth® Interface BLOX) Bluetooth-compatible portable music streaming device, a unique tool designed for DJs, recording studios and live events.

RapcoHorizon’s new V-Cable gives performers the ability to adjust their own volume

RapcoHorizon’s updated Volume Control Cable (V-Cable), equipped with a new muting function and an improved design.

directly. The latest update adds a built-in off position that allows for a complete system mute on any instrument, perfectly suited for acoustic and electric models built without tone or volume knobs. With a “pop” free guarantee, players can interchange instruments without worrying about unplugging sounds that will infringe on their performances. A 500K Ohm version ensures compatibility with virtually any pickup configuration on the market.

“We’re excited to present the V-Cable to musicians at NAMM. We designed the cable to cater to the needs of all acoustic and electric instrument players, regardless of their preferred pickup configuration,” says Darius Seabaugh, vice president of marketing for RHC. “We’re also looking forward to once again displaying our BTIBLOX for NAMM’s pro audio and MI community. We hope to introduce new users to our long-range music streaming solution to improve their workflows.”

A Bluetooth-compatible device, BTIBLOX quickly and easily pairs with most Bluetooth music players, including smartphones and computers. It can operate on phantom power or its own internal rechargeable battery. The BTIBLOX has a line-of-sight range of over 75 feet to stream audio wirelessly. It is built with an XLR-male output that can connect directly to a mixer input and features a translucent back cover that allows the user to view the LED status. It is built to Bluetooth 4.2 specifications and is FCC and RoHS compliant.

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