Brii Elliss Releases Silky-Smooth New Single “Follow”

Brii Elliss
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Los Angeles-based R&B singer-songwriter Brii Elliss recently released her new single, “Follow,” capturing the feeling of falling madly in love. “Follow” is the title track from her forthcoming EP, slated to drop on November 17.

Elliss explains, “I meant for this project to put a self-empowerment spin on the classic love song. I wanted the listener to feel like they should never settle for anything less than they deserve.”

Originally from New Jersey, Elliss began singing early on. By the age of 12, she auditioned for the X-Factor, making it through several rounds. Later, in high school, she continued writing and recording her own material, followed by moving to L.A., where she studied music at Loyola Marymount University.

As she recorded her own music, she realized how much she needed music to be center stage in her life. Elliss shares, “I’m in my element when I am recording and surrounded by other creatives. It feels like home to me, and it’s still my happy place today.”

Working with Grammy-winning producer Synematik to create her signature buttery sound, Elliss pulls inspiration from artists like Amber Mark, H.E.R., Snoh Aalegra, Jhene Aiko, and Jazmine Sullivan. Her sound showcases sultry R&B with beguiling chill-pop soundscapes.

With creamy, swirling colors, the intro to “Follow” lures listeners into a sweet, warm sonic milieu. A deliciously syncopated rhythm gives the tune a tasty, inviting cadence as rippling harmonics glide lightly overhead.

Elliss’ voice, suffused by sumptuous, seductive nuances and bewitching phrasing, imbues the lyrics with silky, honeyed flavors. There’s a luscious mellowness to her voice that belies her age.

“I will follow you where you’re goin’ / And I’m one step behind don’t you know it / Cuz life without you can’t imagine / I don’t think I could go back / And I’ll follow you where you’re goin’.”

Lyrically, the mood of “Follow” is sensuously quixotic, giving rise to a lustrous, affecting track, highlighted by the luxurious voice of Brii Elliss.

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