Madelyn Rose Releases Bewitching “Heart Space”

Madelyn Rose

Sixteen-year-old phenom Madelyn Rose drops her latest single, “Heart Space,” following on the heels of her previous single, “Won’t Be Me,” which amassed more than 25,000 streams in two weeks.

Madelyn was only four years old when she was given a Casio keyboard. Two years later, with the help of her father, she was singing into a microphone plugged into an old amp. Madelyn remembers, “Yeah, it was pretty much just my dad and me. I was too shy to even show my mom.”

Later, when COVID interrupted her piano lessons, Madelyn started writing her own music.

Madelyn explains, “It gave me an opportunity to go off on my own tangent. I was able to learn chords and have the building blocks to make songs rather than a masterpiece or something that would take me months to learn.”

Writing songs soon turned into recording a self-produced album as Madelyn converted her bedroom into a studio. She even taught herself the rudiments of mixing and mastering.

Madelyn signed with Vere Music — a Nashville-based label and distributor founded by longtime Hootie and the Blowfish manager Rusty Harmon — in late 2022.

At the beginning of 2023, she released her debut single, “Taillights Fade,” followed by “Won’t Be Me.” Her new single, “Heart Space,” was recorded in Nashville with co-writers and producers Justin Klump and Tori Tullier.

“Heart Space” opens with twangy, sparkling tones leading into a light rhythmic pulse, followed by the entry of Madelyn’s luscious voice, full of tasty sonic nuances. After a brief pause, the tune ramps up to shimmering layers of glistening coloration, highlighted by a creamy steel guitar. Vaguely reminiscent of early Taylor Swift, Madelyn’s opulent, evocative voice imbues the lyrics with delicious country-pop tangs.

With its country-pop splendor and glowing guitars, adorned in the luxurious, remarkable voice of Madelyn Rose, “Heart Space” hits the sweet spot.

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