Music Video Premiere: Venus In Arms Unveils “Fantasy”

Venus In Arms
Photo: Ryan Joseph

Venus In Arms, the solo passion project of Olivia Barchard, introduces her new single/music video, “Fantasy.”

Speaking about “Fantasy,” Venus In Arms shares, “This song has been two years in the making. The foundation of the song wrote itself pretty quickly – the guitars, melody, and lyrics all came together in one night. But this song didn’t seem like one that was ready to go after the first round. I let it sit for a while and layered on parts over time. ”

A native of San Francisco, as a child Barchard danced around the house in costume, singing to the latest song on MTV. While growing up, courtesy of her mother, she listened to The Beatles and Madonna, along with Pink Floyd, her father’s taste in music.

As a teenager, she received the gift of an acoustic guitar, with which she spent the majority of her time. Immersed in music, she then realized she didn’t look like a musician, leading to the contemplation of another career, one where she fit in.

One night, while singing as her friends played drums and guitar, she experienced an epiphany: the room went white, and a feeling enveloped her. Being IN the music was where she felt at home.

Later, she fronted her first band, Delle Vellum, followed by Breakdown Valentine, an electro-pop outfit, where she learned to play bass and developed an affinity for synths. In 2019, she joined Moon Museum, releasing three tracks during the pandemic, while flirting with the idea of releasing solo music.

In 2021, she released “Forever” as Venus In Arms. “Fantasy” is her second solo release, self-written, recorded and produced.

Opening on luminous chiming tones, “Fantasy” flows into dark dream-pop textures topped by Venus In Arms’ bewitching, Medusa-like voice, at once mesmeric and silky-smooth. Dripping with shadowy coloration, the melody glides atop a potently throbbing bassline and tight percussion.

According to Venus In Arms, “This song practically asked for a visual presentation of itself! I had a story to tell and knew I wanted the video to be a bit cinematic, so I linked up with Jimena Muhlia who I’d met through some close friends.”

She explains, “The video is about playing different characters in life. We all do it at one point or another– fulfilling fantasies– being someone others want you to be, or you feel you should be. But the video is about ultimately finding the path to your true self.”

Spellbinding, “Fantasy” thrums with both viscous and fluid textures, providing a delicious matrix for the grand voice of Venus In Arms.

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