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MusiCares + MusicStrong

Everyone has heard of the Grammys, and if you’ve been in the music world for very long you’ve probably heard of MusiCares. I’m really excited to announce I partnered with them and I am going to be offering a free virtual workshop with them this Tuesday! I hope you can join, link to register is below!

“Please join MusiCares and Music Strong Founder, Angela McCuiston, for an educational presentation on the importance of strength training for the music industry.

Musicians’ bodies are very similar to athletes in that if they aren’t trained and conditioned properly, they are prone to injury due to the repeated movements and specific postures from holding instruments on a regular basis.

Angela will review the benefits of strength training for those in the music industry and provide education on specific exercises to help avoid injury that can be performed easily on the road or at home.”

GGM Staff


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