Stacy Gabel Unveils New Single/Music Video “Great Escape”

Stacy Gabel

Singer-songwriter and performer Stacy Gabel recently released her brand-new single/music video, “Great Escape,” a feel-good song brimming with summertime vibes.

An accomplished and award-winning artist, Gabel is a graduate of AMDA (American Musical and Dramatic Academy in NYC), and a member of SAG/AFTRA. She has appeared in many TV & film roles including Charmed and General Hospital.

She has been gaining national and international attention recently, winning several Global Music Awards and a Los Angeles Pinnacle Film award for Best Song and making press appearances on PBS, NBC, FOX, Forbes Living Magazine, and various music blogs and podcasts. Her music has topped the Indie European Charts and received multiple spins on international and US radio stations.

Formerly a TV promo producer and writer at Nickelodeon/MTV Networks in NYC and Los Angeles, Gabel teamed up with television and film producer Anthony Friedman, a former Nickelodeon colleague, on “Great Escape.”

Gabel’s previous releases include “Two Hearts One Soul,” “Meant to Be,” “Hushabye Mountain,” “Stir Crazy,” “High Heeled Shoes,” “Sunny Days,” and an EP, Straight to Voicemail.

“Great Escape” opens on low-slung, shimmering coloration topped by Gabel’s delicious voice, flavored by delicate yet potent timbres. As the tune ramps up, it takes on charming pop energy, gleaming with layers of buoyant textures. Glowing harmonies infuse the lyrics with delicious depth and dimension, adding radiant aromas.

“Feel the grains flow between our toes / And the sun on your nose / And the salt on your lips as we kiss / Your hands slip right round my hips / And the love and faith that it takes / The faith in our love to make this great escape.”

The video depicts Gabel and her boyfriend getting away from the dull, daily routine of life, escaping to an exotic location with swaying palm trees and soft ocean breezes.

Drenched in luscious pop surfaces, a contagious rhythm, and the enchanting voice of Stacy Gabel, “Great Escape” hits the sweet spot of sunny pop.

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