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Blues Luminary Ruthie Foster Unveils ‘Rainbow’ — Soaring First Single From Upcoming New Album ‘Mileage’ due out August 23 via Sun Records

Grammy-nominated blues and gospel artist Ruthie Foster has released her powerful new single "Rainbow" via the legendary Sun Records. This track, an anthem of love, acceptance, and resilience, is here just in time for Pride Month and showcases Ruthie's incredible talent as a Black, queer female artist.

Ruthie Foster, the acclaimed folk-blues virtuoso, is back with a new project that’s set to captivate longtime fans and win new ones with its soulful melodies and evocative storytelling. She recently debuted her uplifting single “Rainbow” and invites fans to join her on the journey with the pre-order of her highly anticipated album Mileage, set for release on August 23 on the legendary Sun Records.

Fans can stream “Rainbow” here and pre-order Mileage here.

Renowned for her ability to weave together a tapestry of diverse musical influences ranging from gospel and blues to folk and soul, Foster’s musical odyssey has taken her from singing in churches in rural Texas to earning multiple Grammy nominations, gracing the stage of New York’s Beacon Theatre with the Allman Brothers, and collaborating with icons such as Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks. With her milestone tenth studio album, Mileage, Foster continues to tell stories that reflect her personal triumphs, losses, and the universal human experience.

The joyous first single, “Rainbow,” serves as the perfect introduction to Foster’s upcoming album, offering a message of unwavering love. Released just in time for Pride Month, it’s a powerful message from a Black, queer female artist delivering a beautiful anthem of acceptance and resilience.

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Mileage was produced in collaboration with acclaimed producer Tyler Bryant and co-written with him and Rebecca Lovell (Bryant’s wife and one-half of Larkin Poe).

“‘For ‘Rainbow,’ we started with that word, and then it transformed into this conversation about overwhelming hope and love,” said Bryant. “Ruthie and Rebecca are two very powerful women. They would start talking, and before you’d know it, there was an amazing song. And then Ruthie, who is a once-in-a-lifetime singer, would step up and just pour it all out into the microphone.”

The album is a testament to Foster’s own story through life and music. Each song on the album reflects a chapter in Foster’s life, from raw and introspective reflections to cherished memories, inviting listeners to join her on a deeply personal and transformative journey.

Speaking about the album, Foster shared, “This record says, ‘Show me what you’ve done up until this point!’ and I love that. Every song on Mileage is a piece of my story, a reflection of where I’ve been and where I’m going. I feel more heard on this record than I ever have, and I can’t wait to share it with the world.”

Teaming up with Sun Records as a key artist marks a pivotal moment for Foster, aligning her with the storied label’s ethos of championing originality, unique voices, and artistic freedom. Representing a seamless blend of past influences and future aspirations, Foster’s partnership with Sun not only nods to the label’s legendary cultural and geographic history but also signifies a bold step forward in shaping the musical landscape.

For more information and to catch Foster on tour, visit her official website at


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Milease tracklist:

Good For My Soul
Slow Down
Six Mile Water
That’s Alright
Done (feat. Larkin Poe)
Take It Easy
See You When I See You

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