Tiffany’s Tips: Take it to the Next Level

Photo by Roy Cox
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As seen in Guitar Girl Magazine Issue 19 – Spring 2022

Put the time in.

Behind every legendary bassist and guitarist trails umpteen hours of practice, especially in the early career years. If you would like music to be your full-time job, you must put in full-time hours in your practice room.

Tune into your surroundings.

In a band setting, when you really understand what the instruments around you are playing, you will confidently sound like you understand. Not to mention, that will open you up for more flavorful ideas to contribute on your fretboard, thus giving a complete approach to the band.

Practice your weak areas in music. 

It’s essential to perfect what you’re not so good at, rather than to spend too much time having fun reinforcing things you are great at in music. 

Focus on the basics.

Focus on the basics in techniques and even theory. Once you know them like your middle name, the basics catapult the really cool stuff. 😊

As one of the industry’s top bass performers, Tiffany Lloyd is known across the globe for her instrumental mastery. Having founded TiffsBass in 2011, the artist, entrepreneur, creator, director, performer, and songwriter has pivoted her passions into a profitable and purposeful business. Tiffany’s fans experience the promotion of love and positivity through her performances, developing a heightened sense of awareness for the messages her music communicates. Today, the bass-playing boss has grown her business from a passion project to a successful entertainment business. ~By Kerryn Amyes


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