Video Premiere: Country Artist Lori Rayne is Here for the Party in “Woo Girls” Music Video

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Rising country star Lori Rayne is releasing her new music video for “Woo Girls” tomorrow, but you can watch the video a day early, exclusively with Guitar Girl Magazine.

We also got the chance to talk with Lori about all things “Woo Girls,” FarmAid, her next career moves, the changing scene of country music, and more.

When discussing her song Lori shares, “The Song ‘Woo Girls’ is an homage to the girl that feels like they are the life of the party, and for anyone who loves to engulf themselves in the chaos that goes with being a ‘Woo Girl.’ This song definitely has the potential to be a fun Nashville anthem.”

You can watch the video and listen to the single here.

Lori Rayne is anything but ordinary when it comes to her take on country music. Born and raised in historical Birmingham, Alabama, it’s no secret that she has had a plethora of influences when it comes to Southern culture and music. With influences heavy in 90’s hip hop, blues, and country, Lori Rayne brings her own twist to the music she creates. Her soulful voice, coupled with storytelling lyrics and country vibes, there is truly a uniqueness there. 

Although Lori had always been interested in music, it wasn’t until 2017 that she took to the internet to display her talents. In July 2018, Lori Rayne released her first-ever single entitled “Radiostation (The Beach Song).” This song displays not only her love for country music but also some of her influences as well. Soon after, Lori struck again with another single entitled “Beaches in California”, alongside hip-hop artist Asherr Cole, which debuted on Spotify’s “New Music Nashville”. Most recently, Lori released her debut EP entitled 1926 dedicated to her grandad, and is continuing to write and record new music in Nashville, TN. Lori has been seen on various Nashville stages and is a proud member of the Black Opry, where she has performed alongside major stars like Alicia Keys. Rayne has become an even stronger force with many thanks to the Black Opry, where she recently performed at FarmAid 2023 alongside fellow members Kyshona and Tylar Bryant. Rayne shared the bill with legends Willie Nelson and family, Neil Young, John Mellencamp, Margo Price, and more. Read more about Lori and see her performance with Black Opry featured in Rolling Stone.

We love “Woo Girls.” Tell us the story behind writing the song, and the backstory of how the video came to be.

I’m so glad you enjoyed it. So around 2 years ago, I moved to Nashville. One thing Nashville has that Birmingham didn’t have as many of is “Woo Girls”. You know, those girls that you know are coming to party as soon as you hear the first “Woo”? Yeah, them! As an artist, hearing that first “Woo!” while you’re performing is literally the best feeling ever. You know you’re doing a great job, and people are feeling it. To be honest, if the “Woo Girls” are out, it’s going to be a great time! So, I wrote a song about those exact people!

You recently performed at FarmAid with the Black Opry and shared the stage with some legendary names. What were some of your favorite moments?

FarmAid was literally a dream. I’m very grateful The Black Opry asked me to hop on as one of the featured artists, and provided me the opportunity to get my own brand and artistry to a vast audience. Performing alongside the other featured artists on my set, and having the opportunity to observe so many more seasoned artists, was nothing short of inspiring. Ultimately, there are too many moments to pinpoint just one moment as my favorite, but words can not describe the feeling of witnessing so many people enjoying my original music.

Who are some of your biggest inspirations sonically, and some of your biggest inspirations as a performer?

I get asked this question a lot, and one would think by now I would be able to answer this. Though I still can’t. I feel like my music and my sound is just a reflection of what I grew up around. My feel leans country, yet there are influences from 90s hip hop, pop punk, and many others that mold how I sound. Even as a performer, I kind of try to be as authentically me as possible. When I perform, it’s pretty much showing the audience how I am at home when I listen to a song I really like. So far, people tend to vibe with that!

We are Guitar Girl, do you have a favorite guitar to play right now?

I would definitely say my favorite guitar is my “big girl guitar.” It was my first guitar I bought myself after first learning how to play. It’s a Taylor Grand Auditorium- Hawaiian Koa. It’s so pretty, and it sounds beautiful. It definitely makes me want to pick it up and practice a lot more often than before.

Being a female musician in this industry is not always easy – what advice would you give to any young woman wanting to start a music career?

Anytime there is a moment where you don’t fit the norm, or someone’s expectations of something, there is going to be hardship. Whether it’s with the audience you’re trying to get to give you a chance, or understanding you belong where you are. My advice would be to know and understand you belong wherever you want to be. Be kind, be yourself, and time and God, or whomever you put your faith in will take care all of the rest.

How do you think voices like yours can change the trajectory of country music?

I feel like voices like mine are adding to country music.There are many ways to be country (cheap plug to one of my upcoming songs). Country folks, just like anybody, are not a one trick pony. Which is why voices like mine will reflect that. There’s space for everybody. Life is too short to worry about things that don’t matter, and if during this journey my music is able to touch people along the way, even better!

What is next for Lori Rayne?

Much like many artists all over, my next step is to continue through the journey of being able to spread my music as far as it can go, and then some. I’m gearing up to record some new music for the Spring, so I’m super excited for that. Who knows, a tour might even be on the horizon! I appreciate the chance to speak to you. Thanks a lot for having me!



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