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Kiana Corley on music video for new single “Lukewarm”: Who What Where When Why

Kiana Corley was raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania where soul and pop were not on the top of everyone’s playlist. She is truly an original artist, creating her music with the same care and precision as the brushstrokes of a renaissance painter. Kiana’s music is soulful with a youthful overlay of pop, intertwined with her love of folk music and alt-rock. Her influences Corinne Bailey Rae, Tori Kelly, and Stevie Wonder were similarly never put in a genre exclusive category. Her most recent album takes you on a journey through many different musical styles—from upbeat ukulele-infused pop to funk. Kiana will be releasing her new music this winter which launches with a single release on her upcoming EP.

Who:     Kiana Corley

What:    Music Video for single “Lukewarm”

Where:            YouTube

When:   Available now!

Why:     Kiana’s music video “Lukewarm” is an intimate dive into the story of a relationship that is fizzling out. From emotional flashbacks to unspoken messages, Kiana perfectly represents a relationship that is no longer fiery with passion, but not cold and heartless either. Stuck somewhere in the middle, “Lukewarm” represents the odd stage of relationships that aren’t spoken of enough in song.

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