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WILDWOOD talks new single “Firefly” and new music

Nashville singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Anne Buckle is the visionary behind artist moniker WILDWOOD, where she has amassed over two million streams on Spotify alone. Anne acts as co-producer on all her recordings and is a champion for women working in all facets of the music business. On her way to becoming WILDWOOD, Anne got a master’s at Harvard, worked for U.S. Embassy in Paris, and served as an education policy advisor for the Governor of Tennessee. As WILDWOOD, she has shared the stage with the late Charlie Daniels, toured with Augustana, opened for The Chicks on their 2016 World Tour, and performed on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry.

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 You recently released your new magical single, “Firefly,” which I’m sure will stir up some special childhood memories for a lot of us. Tell us how the inspiration for the single came about.

A few years ago, I heard a story on NPR about fireflies, learning that they spend 1-2 years underground before taking flight as adults. Once they finally emerge, they live for only 21 days. In summer 2020, when the fireflies were dancing around outside in the woods, I was inside watching them through a window, quarantined in a room for 14 days sick with COVID-19. Each night, I was terrified of what the next day might bring. Luckily, I recovered from the virus. But when I did, I realized I’d not been making the most of my days. I’d been taking my health — and my life — for granted. The day I got out of quarantine, I grabbed my guitar and sat at the kitchen table, and this song poured out of me in 30 minutes.

Writing the song in 30 minutes; share with us what that songwriting experience looked like.

I’d been wanting to write a song about the fireflies’ story for a few years, but the inspiration took a little longer to hit. Sometimes songwriting is like that for me — I sit with an idea for a long time, and then one day, it becomes a song.

Speaking of writing this song on guitar, what is your “go-to” guitar for songwriting?

The Taylor GS Mini is my go-to guitar for songwriting! I have small hands, so the smaller neck on that model is really comfortable for me to play. (I actually have three GS Mini’s because I love them that much: one in spruce, one in mahogany, and one in koa wood!)

Is there a particular lyric that speaks to you?

My favorite lyric in the song is in the third verse: “don’t hold back, and don’t hit snooze; you’ll only regret the things you didn’t do.” I’m the worst at hitting “snooze” on my alarm clock and wasting my days putting things off. These lyrics are words I need to hear and remind myself of daily to make the most of my life.

What message do you want to convey to listeners through your music?

As a songwriter, it’s a dream to share a message that someone relates to, or that someone feels is true for them in their life. My hope is that I write songs that people feel fit with their own experiences and emotions. I want my songs to be part of the soundtrack to people’s lives.

Now that “Firefly” has been released, what’s next?

“Firefly” is the first single off my debut record as WILDWOOD, coming in January. The project is a double album with two musically contrasting sides: side a: the Wild Side (a collection of songs that have more edgy, pop production), and side b: the Woods (songs that are more stripped-down, acoustic). We decided to release a group of songs from the Woods to kick things off this summer, and “Firefly” was a natural choice to lead off with, coinciding with the fireflies coming out in June. The second single, “Frayed,” features one of my favorite bands, the Steel Blossoms, and it will come out July 9.

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