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Catalinbread Releases Topanga Burnside Splashy Spring Reverb Now With Tremolo

Portland, OR, September 2 – Catalinbread has released the Topanga Burnside, an aptly named skateboarding-inspired version of their iconic Topanga Spring Reverb. Burnside is a reference to the famous Burnside Skatepark in Catalinbread’s hometown of Portland, OR. (shoutout to Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater). Every Topanga Burnside pedal comes with a matching Topanga Burnside fingerboard.

The Topanga Burnside has all the springy, surfy mojo of the original but now features a Trem knob that controls the rate of a lush tremolo effect. Catalinbread revisited the original Topanga and found that placing the tremolo between cascading reverb stages yielded the best results––the effect is not too choppy; not too washed out. Many surf rock and skate punk bands use spring reverb, tremolo or both simultaneously in order to get their sounds, and the Topanga Burnside is a nod to them. The pedal is currently sold exclusively through Sweetwater.


  • The all new Trem knob controls the rate of a tremolo effect.
  • New skateboarding-inspired artwork.
  • Comes with Topanga Burnside fingerboard.
  • Based on the outboard Fender 6G15 spring reverb unit
  • Mix goes from fully dry to 100% wet
  • Volume controls the discrete preamp for an extra clean boost
  • 3 year warranty
  • Usually retails for $219.99, but is currently 15% off for Sweetwater’s Labor Day Sale.
  • Sold Exclusively through Sweetwater
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