Decentralized Underground Audio Streaming Platform Tamago Launches In-App NEAR Wallet

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Today, decentralized audio streaming platform Tamago has successfully connected the NEAR wallet to the app. The wallet integration means that artist’s can set their own price for downloadable content ranging from songs to limited edition edits, samples, and other exclusive offerings. Artist’s will also be able to send other producers NEAR via the wallet for tips or feedback on their music, opening the app up as a community beyond just a streaming platform and marketplace.

These feature additions further Tamago’s mission of putting money in artist’s pockets in new and innovative ways, reimagining the streaming platform model through a mix of Web3 and NFT technology. Since its launch in March, Tamago has seen over 40,000 minutes of music streamed on the app, onboarding over 500 users and 700 tracks. The groundbreaking platform has issued over $20,000 in payouts between its events, both Metaverse and IRL, and its Top of the Charts liquidity pool which pays out monthly to artists from all over the world.

Tamago has seen a rush of reputable artists and labels to the platform since March, welcoming scene leaders like Tiga, Visionquest, Desert Hearts, Mioli, Barem’s Fun Records, Mr C, Doc Martin, Desert Hearts, Matthias Meyer and many others.

Tamago’s debut event brought together some of underground dance music’s most celebrated stars together onboard a Boat Party during Miami Music Week last month. The lineup featured friends and early adopters of the platform Felix Da Housecat, Doc Martin, Holmar, Lee Reynolds, Nikita, m.O.N.R.O.E. Sinca and Philipp Jung in support of Save The Children: Ukraine.

The platform takes a non-invasive approach to content creator markets similar to OpenSea and Patreon, leaving curation to artists and fan led playlists, P2P engagement and customization of NFT sales and exclusive content,  zero-ads, and dedicated liquidity support pools giving 100% of revenue back to artists. Unlike competing Web3 audio platforms, Tamago offers a tried and trusted scalable decentralized IPFS based solution so artists always retain ownership of their music and users retain their data and privacy. It’s like Bittorrent meets Soundcloud for the next generation of artistic accountability.

NEAR’s low gas fees and high speed transaction capabilities make it the ideal blockchain for apps like Tamago to scale at rapid rates and stream at high speeds. Tamago’s co-founder Jeff Gold, also the cofounder of the NearHub Metaverse, has been working closely alongside Clarian to deploy the metaverse solution Tama Island, a virtual version of Tamago, which hosts weekly livestreams and events from artists around the world, NFT treasure hunts and proof of attendance and much more. With future versions of the platform, users will be able to trade, buy and sell their tracks and NFTs on the Tamago app as well as on Tama Island in 3D, host virtual record fairs on TAMA Island, stream exclusive performances, and engage in social community events with interoperable social features.

Tamago co-founder Clarian North remains a pivotal thought leader in the Web3 and NFT music space. Clarian is known in the crypto community as the first artist to ever mint an NFT album, Whale Shark LP, beating out Kings of Leon on OpenSea, March 3rd at Midnight. He has since gone on to have over 80,000 developers enrolled in his blockchain courses from building an NFT marketplace on Polygon to the complete Solidity Course Zero to Expert. Clarian remains a seminal figure in the world of underground dance music with timeless productions released on labels like Visionquest, Kompakt, Counter, Turbo, Life And Death, and Rumors and a pioneer for his years of work as an engineer for both grammy and underground legends alike.

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