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Get your music noticed with BandLab: new music promotion tool Zire and constructive feedback tool Crowd Review

From BandLab‘s recent acquisition of artist-growth tool ReverbNation come two well-loved and well-established resources for creators designed to aid in expanding their audiences and making money, with Zire, and making better music by tapping into their fanbase for constructive feedback ahead of a release, with Crowd Review. Zire and Crowd Review come onto BandLab as essential artist services, continuing efforts to make music creation accessible to all, now integrated into the BandLab platform and available for creator use.

Zire puts music promotion on autopilot, so creators need not worry about complex ad buys and visual creation maintaining a cohesiveness with their brand. With automated ad design, minimal effort is needed from the creator. It’s as simple as uploading high-resolution album artwork and selecting a 30-second song preview. 

For those creators thinking about releasing a new song, Crowd Review allows them to test how their song will perform after release, with this centralized and hyper-targeted method for collecting useful feedback. By hitting the “Get Reviews” button, a song is then shared with a select group of targeted listeners, giving listeners a forum to provide constructive feedback directly back to the creator.

Both Zire and Crowd Review also bring new levels of insight to creators, sharing intricate details about who is listening to their music – everything from audience demographics to user impressions, production quality, analysis of song structure, and likelihood of fans to purchase music.

“We see a world with no barriers to making and sharing music,” says BandLab co-founder and CEO Meng Ru Kuok. “The addition of Zire and Crowd Review to the BandLab platform encompases this, creating a space for support and collaboration through every step of the maturing artist’s journey. By continuing to expand the artist services offered here at BandLab, we are building a more complete musical ecosystem.”

To find out why 40 million creators love and use BandLab, visit or sign up for free on the App Store or Google Play.

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