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H.E.R. first artist featured in Guitar Center’s “Make Music” campaign

GRAMMY Award-Winning singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist H.E.R. is the first guitarist featured in Guitar Center’s new inspirational “Make Music” campaign which will run from November 5 through December 24 and will feature twenty-five different artists and producers from all genres.

H.E.R. is the first Black woman to have a signature guitar with Fender, the H.E.R. Signature Stratocaster

“Music is everything, and it’s a language everybody speaks,” H.E.R. says in the Guitar Center video. “Growing up my dad had a cover band when I was a little girl, and they would rehearse in our living room. My playlist goes from N.W.A. to Sly & the Family Stone to Soundgarden, Foo Fighters, Coldplay, Carlos Santana, Prince, Lauryn Hill, Jimi Hendrix. It all inspires me to make it my own and have fun with it.”

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