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H.E.R. Lights Up the Super Bowl Halftime Show with customized Fender Red Stratocaster®

In an electrifying surprise guest performance during this weekend’s Super Bowl halftime show, the multi-talented Grammy-Award-winning H.E.R. took the stage alongside the legendary Usher, leaving the audience in awe. The dynamic R&B performer H.E.R. is known for her emotional songs, smooth rhythms, and powerful performances, and is the first Black female guitarist to collaborate with the most trusted name in the guitar manufacturing industry, Fender Guitars, on two artist models electric guitars – the H.E.R. Stratocaster in Chrome Glow finish and the limited edition H.E.R. Stratocaster Artist Signature Electric Guitar Blue Marlin.

But it wasn’t just her soul-stirring performance that captured the attention of millions worldwide; it was also the debut of her customized Fender red Stratocaster guitar that became a visual and musical highlight of the evening.

A Guitar Like No Other

Crafted specifically for the Super Bowl’s grand stage, H.E.R.’s Fender Stratocaster is a masterpiece that mirrors her unique style and musical prowess. The electric guitar’s standout feature is its never-before-seen transparent red paint finish over a Chrome Glow H.E.R. Signature Strat body, complete with a matching headstock. This design choice not only showcases H.E.R.’s love for a “chrome red” aesthetic but also adds a layer of texture that makes the guitar visually stunning under the halftime show’s lights.

“I imagined a chrome red, I love a good texture,” said H.E.R. “We also made the neck a little slimmer to make it easier for my solos, I wanted it to be effortless.”

Designed for Performance

Understanding the demands of a live performance, especially one as significant as the Super Bowl halftime show, the guitar was engineered to facilitate effortless playability. H.E.R. expressed a desire for a slimmer neck to aid in her solos, a testament to her involvement in the design process. “I wanted it to be effortless,” she remarked, highlighting the importance of comfort and playability during high-stakes performances.

Watch a behind-the-scenes video of H.E.R.’s first reaction to seeing her design come to life with a customized Stratocaster guitar from Fender’s Instagram.


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Unique Features of H.E.R.’s customized Fender Stratocaster

The guitar boasts several features that set it apart from standard models, making it a true collector’s item and a musician’s dream:

  • Chrome Glow H.E.R. Fender Signature Strat Body: The body’s transparent red paint over chrome not only reflects H.E.R.’s style but also adds a unique visual element that stands out on stage.
  • Anodized Aluminum Black Pickguard: This sleek pickguard contrasts beautifully with the red and chrome body, adding to the guitar’s overall aesthetic appeal.
  • Black Noiseless Pickups with Matching Black Knobs: Ensuring that the guitar’s look is as seamless as its sound, these noise-free pickups offer clarity and noise reduction, perfect for live performances.
  • Modern D-Shaped Neck with Satin Finish: The neck’s design and finish contribute to the guitar’s playability, making fast solos and intricate fingerwork smoother.
  • Rosewood Fretboard: Known for its rich, warm tones, the rosewood fretboard complements the guitar’s advanced electronics and design.
  • Modern Vintage Tuners: These tuners provide the guitar with a classic look while ensuring modern precision and tuning stability.

A Moment to Remember

H.E.R.’s performance at the Super Bowl halftime show, armed with her customized Fender red Stratocaster, was more than just a musical act; it was a statement of artistry, innovation, and personal expression. The guitar, designed with her specific needs and style in mind, proved to be the perfect partner for her as she delivered a performance that will be remembered for years to come.

In a night filled with unforgettable moments, H.E.R.’s customized Fender Stratocaster stood out as a symbol of her unique talent and the power of music to inspire and unite.

About the Fender H.E.R. Stratocaster artist models:

Fender H.E.R. Stratocaster Electric Guitar Chrome Glow

The Fender H.E.R. Stratocaster embodies the boldness of its namesake artist, complete with Vintage Noiseless pickups for a pristine sound. This guitar, shining in a Chrome Glow finish, boasts a mid-’60s C-shaped maple neck, Vintage Noiseless pickups, and an anodized aluminum pickguard, ensuring smooth playability, the timeless Stratocaster tone, and stunning aesthetics.

H.E.R., a dynamic force in the R&B scene, has captivated audiences and garnered Grammy awards with her impactful performances and deeply resonant tracks, her signature sleek rhythms and intense solos taking center stage. Specifications include:

  • An alder body adorned in a Chrome Glow finish – the dazzling chrome glow finish shines
  • A one-piece maple neck crafted in a mid-’60s “C” profile with a 9.5″ radius and 21 vintage-tall frets
  • A headcap painted to match in Chrome Glow
  • Fender Vintage Noiseless Stratocaster single-coil pickups for a clean, noiseless output
  • A vintage-style synchronized tremolo and tuning machines for classic styling and reliable performance

Limited Edition Fender H.E.R. Stratocaster Artist Signature Electric Guitar Blue Marlin

The Fender H.E.R. Stratocaster Artist Signature electric guitar embodies a boldness reflective of the artist it’s named after. H.E.R., a dynamic force in R&B, has captivated audiences and clinched Grammy awards with her potent performances and deeply emotive music, her signature smooth rhythms and intense solos always taking center stage. This Stratocaster boasts an alder body with a sleek gloss polyester finish, crowned with a mid-’60s C-shaped maple neck and a maple fingerboard adorned with 21 vintage-tall frets and eye-catching abalone dot inlays. Its sound is propelled by a set of Vintage Noiseless single-coil Strat pickups, complemented by 5-way switching and a master volume with two-tone controls for nuanced sound shaping. The guitar is further enhanced with a 6-saddle vintage-style synchronized tremolo, an anodized aluminum pickguard, and nickel/chrome hardware for a blend of classic aesthetics and modern functionality.

Included with the guitar is a gig bag, ensuring your instrument is protected whether at home or on the go. Key Features:

  • Alder body with a high-gloss polyester finish
  • Mid-’60s C-shaped maple neck for comfortable playability
  • Maple fingerboard featuring 21 vintage-tall frets and distinctive abalone dot inlays
  • A set of Vintage Noiseless single-coil Strat pickups for a clean, noise-free tone
  • H.E.R. custom neck plate

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