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MeldaProduction makes MTurboAmp available as ultimate amp simulator and distortion machine-making plug-in package

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC: music production and audio processing advanced tools maker MeldaProduction is proud to announce availability of MTurboAmp — (currently) comprising around 30 amp heads and a dozen distortion pedals (with more being added all the time, as is always its creator’s way), with detailed editing and an ability to create custom virtual amps and distortion pedals from scratch as the ultimate amp simulator and distortion machine- making plug-in package — as of June 21…
As implied by another appropriate moniker, MTurboAmp follows in the flexible footsteps of MeldaProduction’s must-have MTurbo… prefixed plug-ins packaging different groups of unique devices — namely, MTurboComp (19-plus vintage-style compressors in one plug-in package), MTurboDelay (40-plus delay plug-ins in one package), and MTurboReverb (100-plus reverbs in one plug-in package). Put it this way: with around 30 different amp heads (and more being added all the time), MTurboAmp assuredly has what it takes to be billed as the ultimate amp simulator — servicing clean jazz sounds to vintage rock, as well as those needing something a little harder or high gain for an extended range instrument — and distortion machine — making available a dozen pedals and other unique devices to boot.
But on the off-chance that it does not already have whatever it is that most guitar tone tweak-freaks could conceivably be looking for straight out of the box, MTurboAmp far from stops at only offering a simple amp knob-turning experience, effectively offering access to the ‘guts’ of any amp model — mouse becomes soldering iron, in other words — to change any parameter setting. Surely it is already a dream come true for every guitar tone tweak-freak?
For those who want to take things even further, however, MTurboAmp’s ability to create custom virtual amps and distortion pedals from scratch should seriously satisfy. It is perfectly possible for users to think about what they would do differently to the original classic hardware designs that have been so meticulously modelled by MeldaProduction in order to create original amps like no other, where imagination is the only limit when it comes to creating signature, one-of-a-kind sounds! Ultimately, users of MTurboAmp are able to create custom virtual amps using an advanced ten-band dynamic INPUT EQ and OUTPUT EQ, each with HP (high-pass) and LP (low-pass) filters, though the core of any amp module creation comes courtesy of a nine-stage DISTORTION creator.
Clearly, any custom-created virtual amps are likely to sound good, given MeldaProduction’s proven track record, but being good looking would likely be a bonus in the eyes of most MTurboAmp users — and, evidently, MeldaProduction, too. The Custom GUI Designer, therefore, allows MTurboAmp users to create good-looking devices, choosing freely from an array of knobs, switches, LEDs, sliders, and buttons — predesigned or imported.
It is fair to say, though, that any amp head — custom created or otherwise — and distortion pedal might still need something extra when pursuing perfect guitar tones. After all, no stack is complete without a cabinet, which is why MTurboAmp is designed to be used in conjunction with what is truly the most advanced cab simulation around: MeldaProduction’s MCabinet ( But better still, MCabinet is discounted by 50% — to €49.00 EUR (inc. VAT) — until the end of July 2022 in celebration of MTurboAmp’s availability as the ultimate amp simulator and distortion machine-making plug-in package, which is definitely a dream come true for every guitar tone tweak-freak around!

MTurboAmp is available to purchase — as an AAX-, AU-, VST-, and VST3-supporting plug-in for Mac (64-bit only) and Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) — at a super-introductory discounted price of only €19.00 EUR (inc. VAT) until July 31, 2022 — rising thereafter to its introductory price of €35.00 EUR (inc. VAT) until August 31, 2022, before finally settling at an MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) of €99.00 EUR (inc. VAT) — from its dedicated webpage, which also includes further information, here:
MTurboAmp is included in MComplete Bundle ( — the ultimate collection of effects and instruments, including every plug-in MeldaProduction has released so far (and will release in future) — and MCreativeFX Bundle ( — currently comprising 36 effect plug-ins to help composers take their sound creativity beyond the limits of their imagination — which are both being discounted by 50% during MeldaProduction’s ‘Summer MBundle Weeks’ event ( running through to July 3, 2022.
Watch MeldaProduction’s quick introduction to MTurboAmp here:
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