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PreSonus Launches Studio One 6.1/New Streamlined Workflow for Mastering Engineers, Lyricists, Collaborators & More

Today, PreSonus launched Studio One  6.1—the first major dot update to one of the best selling and most innovative digital audio workstations in the world. Version 6.1 offers several new features as well as improvements to key user-optimized features recently released as a part of Studio One 6.0 as well as bug fixes, and other updates to help musicians and producers alike achieve the ideal workflow.

“Feedback from our community continues to remain one of our biggest priorities,” said Arnd Kaiser, General Manager, Software at PreSonus. “We are excited to share that Studio One 6.1 extends key features introduced in 6.0, like collaboration, lyrics and video. We’re also fulfilling the most popular user requests including a new color selector to create custom track and channel colors as well as the integrated notification center. Together with an updated Studio One Remote app, these upgrades will allow users to have an elevated and seamless recording and production experience. We look forward to hearing what the community creates!”

Songwriters will be thrilled to see the expanded lyric feature now allows for a large scrolling display of song lyrics through the use of an external monitor or tablet. In addition, users can adjust the orientation and font size while using Performance View as well as seamlessly transition lyrics from Song to Show page.

Version 6.1 also provides several useful improvements to Studio One’s industry-leading fully integrated Project Page for mastering. The Project Templates feature will allow users to create and save effects chains, including routing to external analog hardware, as well as store album metadata and more. There will also be an additional “Album Mode” on the Loudness Optimization section of the Project Page that allows users to maintain full control over individual track volume while ensuring that the project does not exceed the required loudness standard.

This update also extends to the Studio One Remote App, an extension of the DAW that can be used on any iOS/Android/Windows friendly tablet. Now, the app is fully integrated with the new  Studio One 6 user interface as well as all of the new 6.1  updates. There is also a new dedicated lyrics feature that will give Studio One Remote users the ability to remotely access lyrics–perfect for vocal takes in the booth or during an on-stage performance.

Studio One 6.1 also has features aimed towards those editing sound to video. Version 6.1 will feature a new large timecode display in the video window. The new Timecode Display can be toggled on or off and displayed as frames, bars, seconds, or samples. In addition, Smart Templates that offer a Drop Zone will now support video files. This allows users to import multiple video clips and align them sequentially on their project file’s Video Track.

Lastly, Studio One Version 6.1 has been further optimized for collaborations. Gone are the days of having to dig through email inboxes to consult previous project drafts. Now, the User Profile Menu will feature a powerful notification system that will alert users of every new song, updated version and Workspace Invitation, all viewable in the User Panel…right from Studio One.


  • Expanded lyrics workflow for songwriting, recording, mixing, and live performance
    • Lyrics go live!  Lyrics support is now available in the Performance View on the Show Page
    • Lyrics are also now on both the Song and Show pages in the new Studio One Remote App update (version 1.7)
  • Improved mastering workflow with new project templates to save your go-to mastering setups, including external hardware routing
  • Album Mode for target loudness allows for full control over the loudness of album tracks while still meeting the required loudness standard.
  • Upgraded video features include a new timestamp display in the video player. In addition, Drop Zones in Smart Templates now support video files so you can set up your composition and sound design sessions faster than ever.
  • Advanced collaboration capabilities now include live notifications for users working together on a project right from the Studio One Browser.
  • Studio One Remote 1.7 app is now fully integrated with new Studio One 6 features and has a fresh, new look
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