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The Color of Creativity: LANDR unveils Chromatic, its new artist-driven streaming instrument

Expanding its creative platform for making and releasing music, LANDR presents Chromatic, a unique virtual instrument with exclusive artist-generated sounds. LANDR is partnering with artists, revered session players, and producers to create the Chromatic sound sets library. With daily content updates, LANDR users can access a constantly growing spectrum of new sounds grouped by artist, color, and mood, all playable within an intuitive, powerful interface.

Crafted by an artist, a Chromatic sound set not only provides access to inspiring playable instrument loops, vocal hooks, one-shots, and soundscapes, but also to the story behind the sounds. The visually striking presentation expands the experience with distinctive stylized artwork for each artist, a bio, and links to their LANDR profile and socials for those who want to connect or even collaborate. Numerous diverse sound sets will be added to the instrument every week, with artists such as 2020 Grammy nominee D Smoke (Best New Artist, Best Rap Album) and platinum selling Montreal singer-songwriter Ariane Moffatt (with her SOMMM collective) contributing exclusive content, bringing their own unique colors to the Chromatic library.

“As an instrument, Chromatic lets you explore, play, and manipulate original sounds created by artists and producers, making them your own,” reveals LANDR CEO Pascal Pilon. “We’ve developed Chromatic to bring the human element back into your virtual studio, a unique way to collaborate and engage with the creators of your favorite tracks and musical styles.”

Made by artists, for artists, Chromatic is a constantly expanding platform where artists can share their creative identity, while also sharing in the monthly revenue generated by the instrument. Users of Chromatic are inspired to create new music from this compelling, interactive content, while linking instantly to an ever-growing global community of pro vocalists, beat-makers, musicians, and sound designers. In the case of key high profile artists, royalty splits of derivative works will even be possible, in a unique arrangement that benefits both the artist as well as the Chromatic creative user.

Like all of LANDR’s creator tools, Chromatic is integrated into the platform’s increasingly robust offerings for professional-minded creatives. Now available in its entirety within the All-Access Pass, Chromatic brings a new dimension to LANDR’s creative landscape. Starting at $9.99/month for the initial 6 months and $14.99 thereafter, the All-Access Pass gives users free reign across all of the LANDR services. This includes an extensive royalty-free sample library, their acclaimed AI-assisted mastering, music distribution, Sessions collaboration service, and now a unique virtual instrument with its exclusive artist-generated content library. Chromatic is also available separately as a free download, with access to the full library of royalty free sound sets at just $9.99 monthly.

“We want to set the standard for adding value to creator tools for music,” explains Pilon. “LANDR wants to be a guide in assisting music makers to get projects done, and that also means creating inspiring, beautiful places they can go when they are stuck creatively. Chromatic will inspire artists to find their own creative voices, giving them a new way to reach each other, and let them play and use the sounds they love in the process.”

What does Chromatic offer?

As the first virtual instrument to provide an artist-focused platform for releasing content, Chromatic was designed to expand both the tools and the opportunities available to creators in the simplest and most impactful way.

Using Chromatic as a music creator:

When creating music with Chromatic, inspiration is never far from the fingertips of the user.

From new creators to pros, Chromatic’s intuitive design makes it immediately playable by anyone, with access to great sounding content across all genres of music. Through color-coded mood boards, users can quickly audition or earmark individual sound sets and add them into their workflow at any stage, matched to the tempo and key of any project (powered by élastique Pro V3 from zplane.development).

Contributing to Chromatic as an artist, label, or collective:

Chromatic provides artists with a new potential revenue stream, as subscription revenue is shared with content partners each month based on downloads of their sound sets in the instrument. At the same time, artists are assisted in expanding their brands to engage with the thriving creator community in a new way.

For a limited group of featured artists and labels, LANDR will support splits on works created with their Chromatic sound sets. With this unique arrangement, Chromatic will serve as a foundation for emerging producers to collaborate with featured artists, resulting in a split release and promotion of a new work made with their Chromatic content. Emerging producers will have a chance to grow their fanbase and visibility through the collaboration, while sharing in revenue from the new release. LANDR is currently engaging with partners to participate in splits, for launch in early 2022.

Whether you are an artist or label looking for new ways to monetize creative content, or a music maker looking for the next virtual instrument that will unlock inspiration, go check out how simple yet powerful Chromatic is on LANDR’s website.

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