VocoPro Launches New Karaoke All-In-One Package to Give Singers Their Own Space


LOS ANGELES, Calif. Sept. 20, 2022—For singers and consumers wanting to transform their bedroom or hotel room into a karaoke studio, VocoPro today announced its new Karaoke-Box-Go system.

Vocopro’s Karaoke-Box-Go is an ultra-portable karaoke system with just enough volume to entertain everyone in the room, but without disturbing others. K-Box-Go comes with two wireless microphones with receivers built right into the rechargeable 50W Bluetooth speaker. Plus, anyone can sing like a pro with VocoPro’s legendary stereo echo effect.

No karaoke discs are needed. Just use any tablet, smartphone or laptop to be able to sing thousands of songs on YouTube or your favorite karaoke app! The system also comes with a Jellybeam™ LED moving light to complete the private karaoke-box vibe.


  • All-inclusive package with two wireless microphones, one rechargeable Bluetooth speaker, and one LED moving light to transform any bedroom or hotel room into a karaoke box
  • 50W Stereo Bluetooth karaoke speaker with two UHF Wireless Vocal Microphones. Designed for sound to fill up any small space, but without disturbing others
  • Packaged with Jellybeam™ LED moving light to project moving jellyfish effects onto walls and ceilings for the ultimate karaoke-box vibe

Pricing for VocoPro’s Karaoke-Box-Go

MAP:    $189.00 USD