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KOONG, World’s First Self-upload Music Platform Has Now Launched Globally

SEOUL, Korea, Aug. 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The world’s first self-upload music platform, “KOONG”, has officially launched to provide its services all over the world including South Korea.

It has gathered up a large amount of interests from numerous musicians, and there are 3 million users that have visited the website as of now.

“KOONG” is different from other music streaming websites as it incorporated the “Self-upload” function where musicians who write and compose may register their own work to stream, and that the revenue of the copyrighted content servicing on the platform is distributed transparently to ensure the musician’s rights. The win-win music communication website ( is essentially a cross-directional music platform that provides convenience to musicians.

Anyone with creative ideas may record and upload a song from their smartphone.

The individual may set their own prices for their work, keep 80% of the revenue, donate 5% of the revenue for events/concerts that require equipment and other costs, and the rest of the revenue goes into marketing fees.

KOONG’s main creative design executive Taewon Kim who has taken part in founding this platform has elaborated that the purpose of KOONG is to gather talented artists from all over the world, to have them freely distribute their musical content, and to develop into an eco-system where musicians are able to rightfully get paid for their copyright and creative passion.

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