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18-year old Boston-based artist, AV. announces the upcoming release of her third single “Antidote”

“Antidote” is AV’s third and final single off of her debut EP, “Guess I’m A Ghost.” Filled with self-empowerment and self-acceptance, “Antidote” reflects on a relationship where she felt the opposite of that. During this time, she felt manipulated and misunderstood, but this song talks about how that situation emboldened her instead of destroying her. A moment of self-love in this track is the lines, “Thank you for the hell you put me through, cause now I love myself which is more than you could ever do.”

AV.’s debut EP “Guess I’m A Ghost” is a six-track personal coming-of-age journey that reflects the observant outsider tone of her generation, while delving deep into her own story. Throughout this record, AV discusses a time in her life where she lost touch with her sense of self, and fought to get it back. She wrote this record between 2019 and 2020 when she, like so many young women transitioning into adulthood, felt hunted and vulnerable in this world. The album captures the loneliness that follows trauma, and the triumph of overcoming it.
AV. collaborated with Nashville-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Josh Preston of Me and The Machine Records to bring this story to life, in a 16-hour marathon recording session.

Release Timeline
First Single “Please”- Nov. 12th
Second Single “Our Ghosts”- Jan. 21st
Third Single “Antidote”- Mar. 25th
EP Release “Guess I’m A Ghost”- May. 27th
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