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Adi GuerrerX Announces Atmospheric New Single “Queer Sci Fi Fantasy,” out 10/29 via Weird Sister Records

Richmond, VA based artist, Adi GuerrerX (they/them), is set to release their upcoming single, “Queer Sci Fi Fantasy” on October 29, 2021 via Weird Sister Records.
“Queer Sci Fi Fantasy,” is sheer escapism in the form of auto-tune and arranged harmony paired with production heavily reminiscent to early James Blake. Spurred by doldrums of seasonal depression packaged in overall feelings of disconnection from friends, family, and self-love, the introduction admits a profound, shameless wish in sonic waves of stacked and lush vocals. As the main vocal riff of the song begins, the listener crosses into the daydream and finds themselves sharing a spaceship with a bad-ass lover.

artwork by Alexa Taveras

With its sampled drums and soft synths, the track lulls you to a dream-like state. The tasteful use of reverb washes over you and allows for a suspension of disbelief like no other. We are transported into a daydream without the pressures of long distance love, where a perfectly matched duo can go on intergalactic adventures together.

The origins of the song come from a time when Adi was feeling debilitating anxiety. They had been acknowledging it and learning how to create routines that harbor feelings of safety to work through it. When asked about this time in their life, Adi answered, “ Luckily, I had an amazing (long distance) partner who taught me a lot about her processes and methods of routine so within that relationship there was a lot of gratitude and longing”.

“Queer Sci Fi Fantasy” will hopefully open up a larger conversation about Queer representation in Sci Fi. The song references both Star Trek and DBZ characters , directly shining a light on characters like Chi Chi and Nyota.  Adi took inspiration from Chi Chi’s character because they felt she deserved a more competent and multi-faceted partner than Goku. Queer representation in film and media  is pivotal to making the LGBTQ+ community feel seen and understood. Adi recognizes the kind of love we all deserve in “Queer Sci Fi Fantasy”.

artwork by Alexa Taveras

This track unravels a dreamy storyline that will be brought to life through a short graphic zine accompanying it. Images, produced by Alexa Taveras.

Adi GuerrerX is set to play Rubulad in Brooklyn, NY on October 16th. They’ll be joined on stage by Benét.

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