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Alexandra Kay Starring In Episode Of New CMT Digital Series “Viral To Verified”

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (September 28, 2021) — Country music sensation Alexandra Kay stars in the latest episode of CMT short-form digital series, “Viral to Verified.” The series, releasing on the very platforms that catapulted her into the spotlight, gives a deeper look at how Alexandra rose to fame, seemingly overnight, with the help of social media. She shares stories and videos, and just how much time “overnight” success actually takes, from her very first post, to coffee covers, through to her current hits. You can tune in to this episode of “Viral to Verified” via CMT’s social media platforms today.

“My fans and I are like a family. I have shared all of the ups and downs in my career, personal milestones, even me and my husband’s love story with them! This past year, my fan base grew by millions and most of my newer followers really only know me from social media. I’m grateful CMT has given me this opportunity to share my story with them and at the same time, kind of debunk the theory that I was an overnight ‘TikTok star.’ It has been 10 years of blood, sweat and tears. So, to say I am excited to share that with everyone is an understatement,” said Alexandra Kay.

“We’re witnessing something special in country music right now, where virtually unknown artists are landing atop sales and streaming charts alongside the biggest names in the business… ‘Viral to Verified’ highlights these new and diverse voices, many of whom have been grinding at their craft for years, as they recount their rise to prominence through innovation and perseverance, demonstrating the sizable shift in country music consumption and discovery, and the power of social media,” Melissa Goldberg, Sr. Director of CMT Digital, told

The feature comes following Kay’s release of “Tall Boys” two weeks ago. The song already has hundreds of thousands of streams and was called “the next best party song of 2021” by Country Now.

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