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Austin electronic artist PANJOMA presents ‘Bleeding Sun’ from ‘Sun and Moon’ EP, first release in 8 years

Austin-based music mavericks Panjoma present their new single ‘Bleeding Sun’, a blissed-out glitchy slice of electronic goodness from their ‘Sun and Moon’ EP. Marking the band’s return to the music scene after an eight-year hiatus, they are back with what they feel is their best work ever. They also recently previewed the singles ‘Sun and Moon’ and ‘Free’.

Formed in 2006, core members Mary Panjoma (vocals, keyboard, production) and Patrik Nilsson (bass, drum machines, samplers, production) quickly hit it off upon meeting, resulting in a marriage and the birth of Panjoma. Despite their subsequent divorce, Pat and Mary remain committed to their shared musical quest.

The ‘Sun and Moon’ EP follows 2014’s ‘Personacide’ album and 2012’s ‘Panjoma’ album in 2012. These were preceded by the singles ‘Death Mantra’ and ‘Transmit Invocation’, both with videos created by two-time Latin Grammy Award recipient Paul Beck, known for his work with David ByrneThe Calm Blue Sea, and feature films ‘Waking Life’ and ‘A Scanner Darkly’.

An avant-garde darkwave electro femme-pop DMT-jazz band with a funky edge, Panjoma’s sound is as eclectic as their influences, ranging from Bjork, Aphex Twin, Orbital and Squarepusher to Thundercat, Nine Inch Nails, Primus, Daft Punk, Le Chic, Mr. Fingers, Jazzanova and Depeche Mode.

“Our influences behind the ‘Sun and Moon’ EP are love, philosophy, and psychedelics. The ‘Sun and Moon’ single, which drives the dreamy vibe behind the whole EP, is all about how the Sun and Moon are forever following each other forever longing to be next to each other, but forever being unable to be together. The theme transitions into dreams, where anything is possible,” says Mary Panjoma.
Panjoma combines electronic sound elements with conventional instruments, which they often use in unconventional ways, such as filtered pianos or e-bows on bass, producing their unique sound using a vast array of drum machines, samplers, keyboards, software programs, and synthesizers.

Panjoma have also had their fair share of adventures in the realms of film, art, soundtracks and sync licensing, having scored the soundtrack for the independent horror film ‘Psympatico’ and been featured in the soundtracks for multiple documentaries, including ‘American Drug War’ and ‘How Weed Won The West’. Red Bull licensed Panjoma’s music for the TV show ’10 minutes to the Sky’ and their music has also been licensed by Tokyo Milk Cosmetics and for the beta video game trailer for ‘Otherland’.

Panjoma’s studio and live performance members (past and present) include Ricardo Acevedo (Lost Cat Magnet, O’Clock), Ritchard Napierkowski (The Nimbus, Ritchual, Adoration Destroyed), John Ousely (Construction Paper Records, Cosmic Pets), Richard Evans (Rivers Want) and Chris Alvarez (Saul Williams, John Spencer Blues Explosion).

The ‘Sun and Moon’ EP’ is out now and is available across digital platforms, including SpotifyBeatportApple Music.and Bandcamp.
1. Sun and Moon (Dawn)
2. Sun and Moon
3. Sun and Moon (Dusk)
4. Free
5. Like Thunder
6. Bleeding Sun

Performed and recorded by Mary Panjoma and Patrik Nilsson
Mastered by Ritchard Napierkowski
Cover artwork by Joseph Salazar
Live photos by Ismael Quintanilla III. Other photos by Ricardo Acevedo.
Tracks 1, 3, 4 written by Mary Panjoma
Track 2 by Mary Panjoma, Patrik Nilsson, Ritchard Napierkowski
Track 5 by Mary Panjoma, Ricardo Acevedo
Track 6 by Patrik Nilsson, Mary Panjoma
Videos written & directed by Mary Panjoma
‘Sun and Moon’ cinematography & filming by James D. Brimble and Bill Lanier
Edited by Mary Panjoma. Animation by Gabriel Phoenix
‘Free’ cinematography & filming by Daniel Doggett
‘Bleeding Sun’ video created by Skedge Animation with editing, FX by Mary Panjoma

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