BONES UK Teams with the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour to Present EARTHWALKERS, an Extraordinary Musical Journey Across the Ever-Challenging COVID-19 Landscape


2020 has been a challenging year for live music, forcing bands into a realm of evolution and problem-solving unlike any seen before. No artists have embraced this challenge as fully as BONES UK. The Grammy-nominated rock duo has teamed with the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour for an extraordinary, immersive, one-of-its-kind touring experience, set to turn the pandemic-ridden landscape on its head.

Happening both in person and in the virtual world, the journey of the EARTHWALKERS features one of the only musical groups currently on the road. Bound with courage and determination, Rosie Bones and Carmen Vandenberg have set out to navigate the constantly-shifting conditions that the pandemic continues to present to the human race. BONES UK, alongside the partners they found in Monster Energy, will stop at nothing to see the show go on.

Their mission is to create an outlet for much-needed expression, mutual inspiration, and connection with fans both current and yet to be discovered, loudly echoing the thought that has been the mantra of so many throughout 2020: “Where there’s a will, there’s bound to be away.”

The upcoming chain of events features planned performances alongside spontaneous live and digital sightings, serving as both a tour and a time capsule documenting these bizarre times. BONES UK’s journey will involve helping solve the unique problems facing the band, their fans, and the entire world – from isolation and hunger to mental illness and eco-consciousness.

With this COVID-friendly 10-date tour across the U.S.A., Bones UK and Monster Energy are on a mission to play live music within the restrictions of this strange new landscape. Raw, gritty, and reflective of the events currently playing out on the world stage, EARTHWALKERS finds the band reconnecting with themselves in a show from quarantine and re-emerging into the world via shows from a variety of breathtaking settings, including an empty swimming pool, in the middle of a football field, and on a lake.

“Like every other band, all of our shows, tours, and festivals were cancelled for 2020, which was obviously totally heartbreaking,” said Bones UK. “But we’re always looking to solve problems- not simply accept them. I think that’s an ethos we and Monster Energy share: taking matters into our own hands, finding the solutions, embracing the new landscape and working with it. Making sure our fans safety is top priority, but also creating experiences they will never forget- experiences that we actually wouldn’t have come up with if it hadn’t been for the restrictions we have all been facing this year.”

“It’s been so brilliant to work with a brand that has said ‘yes’ to all of our ideas and just supported us in making them happen,” the band continued. “This is the first – but will most definitely not be the last – adventure we and Monster Energy will go on together!”

The tour will offer music lovers extraordinary ways to connect with the band in first-of-their-kind, COVID-safe ways. They’ll have fans paddling and hiking out to secret coordinates to enjoy a show on the water or for a campsite singalong. They’ll invite guests to pop out on their hotel balconies to watch Bones UK perform in the pool below them. As one of the first bands to pioneer the drive-in concert experience back in May, they’ll rock out at a drive-in theatre in downtown L.A. – with an unexpected twist that may win a Guinness World Record.

In a time like no other, EARTHWALKERS will be a tour like no other.

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