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NASHVILLE (June 2, 2022)  After independently racking up over 58 million career streams and amassing nearly one million monthly listeners, EMPIRE Nashville’s breakout country artist Sophia Scott properly introduces herself today with her eagerly anticipated debut EP, “One Of These Days,” a six-track collection of emotional snapshots illustrating Scott’s relatable, coming-of-age journey. Available everywhere now, the EP illuminates Sophia’s limitless musicality which flows seamlessly through country, pop, rock and R&B. Candidly opening up about deeply personal topics like divorce, addiction, heartache and hope, Scott turns trauma into triumph with her lyrics. With her fearless first full-length body of work, Scott emphasizes her position as a country artist-to-watch with a promising career in Nashville and beyond for many years to come. She is excited to take her new music on the road this year, kicking off with a buzzworthy performance for Spotify’s Fresh Finds stage at CMA Fest on June 12th. 

Thematically connecting the EP with title track “One Of These Days,” which received praise from Entertainment Tonight, E! News, Holler Country, Just Jared and more, Sophia identifies how her parents’ struggling marriage eventually helped her to define her own perspectives on life – from her career, to friendships and romantic encounters. In April, she made her official television debut with a powerful performance of the song on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

With the EP’s opener “Don’t Tempt Me”, Scott immediately welcomes her fun side with the perfect soundtrack for a wild night out with friends. The track sets the stage for a body of work which balances poignant ballads with high-energy, country bops. Scott follows the up-tempo kickstarter with her powerful 2021 ballad “Side Effects,” which confronts her painful experiences watching friends and family struggle with addiction. As she heals her own scars with “Side Effects,” she hopes to give a voice to anyone who has also driven a loved one to rehab and taken steps to help them recover. Since its release in May 2021, the track has opened an important mental health conversation on TikTok, with many users sharing their own stories alongside the song. 

Praised for the authenticity of her writing, her music is characterized by her willingness to be raw and vulnerable. She counters this unapologetic candor with infectious confidence on the “Charlie’s Angels”-inspired anthem titled “Leather Skirt,” which aims to empower women of every generation. She emphasizes that the timeless fashion staple has the power to make a girl at any age feel like her best self. Further amplifying the ‘women empowerment’ vibe, Scott’s latest single for the EP, “More Me,” is a fiery ‘girls night out’ anthem, an invitation to hit the dance floor and reminder to love yourself. The track debuted on Spotify’s New Music Nashville and is currently featured on the platform’s Next From Nashville playlist. The EP also features her unconventional Valentine’s Day’ single “Sweetheart,” which sees her reflecting on first-time love and flashing back to happy moments with an old flame who still holds a place in her heart. 

“This body of work is my heart. I am so proud of it and thrilled to finally share this piece of me. Putting my experiences into songs is my way to navigate things and has been the best form of therapy for me. I hope that my lyrics offer hope to those who can relate,” says Scott. “I hope my songs empower you to also put on your favorite outfit and hit the dance floor.”


1.         Don’t Tempt Me

2.         Side Effects

3.         Leather Skirt

4.         One of These Days

5.         More Me

6.         Sweetheart

Stream “One Of These Days,” the EP, by Sophia Scott HERE. 

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