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British Alternative Folk Musician Ruth Theodore Joins Forces with Ani DiFranco’s Righteous Babe Records, Unveils New Single “Hold On Me”

Ruth Theodore shares new single "Hold On Me" from upcoming "I Am I Am" album debuting on May 3, featuring collaborations with Todd Sickafoose and Mathias Kunzli

The distinguished British alternative folk musician Ruth Theodore is excited to announce her recent partnership with Ani DiFranco’s Righteous Babe Records alongside the release of her poignant new single, “Hold On Me.” This announcement also heralds the arrival of her forthcoming album, I Am I Am, set to launch on May 3rd, with preorders now available.

Theodore’s distinctively defiant and playful early works caught the attention of the renowned American folk artist Ani DiFranco, leading to Theodore’s special guest appearances at DiFranco’s London concerts. It was during these moments, particularly a memorable performance at the London Palladium, that DiFranco recognized Theodore’s genuine artistry and spirited freedom, ultimately inviting her to join the Righteous Babe Records family for what promises to be an exuberantly rebellious album release.

“I was truly inspired by Ruth’s authenticity and the profound connection she established with my audience. Recognizing her as a genuine ‘Righteous Babe’, it felt like the perfect moment to collaborate once more and introduce her artistry to audiences across North America,” shared Ani DiFranco.

Theodore’s musical journey began with open-air performances on England’s southern streets, crafting her initial albums while living in solitude on a boat devoid of electricity. Embracing the unpredictability of nature, Theodore’s music celebrates life’s imperfections and the ever-changing essence of our existence. “The world around us, including my sexuality, thoughts, work, and our collective human journey, are in constant flux,” Theodore reflects. The cover art of I Am I Am symbolizes this philosophy, emphasizing her constant yet evolving presence within the vast dance of life.

single artworkThe new single, “Hold On Me”, epitomizes Theodore’s approach with a melodious track that contemplates an intense romantic relationship teetering on the edge. Theodore compares her irresistible desire to be with her lover to the ocean’s pull amidst the emergence of bittersweet ultimatums. The song uniquely combines pop sweetness with bluesy riffs and choral harmonies, showcasing co-producer Todd Sickafoose’s talent for blending diverse musical genres, reminiscent of his work on Anais Mitchell’s “Hadestown.”

I Am I Am marks Theodore’s second collaboration with the award-winning Sickafoose, following the success of her 2016 album Cactacus, and sees the return of Mathias Kunzli on drums and percussion, adding his expertise as the third co-producer.

Following the acclaim of Cactacus, which dominated mainstream media and music press reviews, Theodore’s career faced a challenging pause due to a breast cancer diagnosis in 2019. Through successful chemotherapy treatment during the pandemic, Theodore found solace in music, creating a wealth of new material that shaped I Am I Am into a vibrant celebration of life and a testament to the beauty found in the present moment.

“Everything is amazing,” Theodore declares, encapsulating her newfound appreciation for life’s fleeting beauty. “Hold On Me” joins Theodore’s 2023 single “Thompson” in exploring themes of intimate disconnection. With its release, the single joins a collection on digital streaming platforms that includes “Full Metal Jacket” and “People People”, offering a comprehensive view of I Am I Am’s thematic diversity, from playful desire to critical societal observations.

album cover

Ruth Theodore – I Am I Am
[Righteous Babe Records]

  1. Barbed Wire FenceFull Metal Jacket
  2. Captured
  3. Brighton Stones
  4. Watercolour
  5. People People
  6. Here Comes Your Song
  7. Thompson
  8. Hold On Me

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