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Buick Audra shares new single & video “Simply Said” New album Conversations with My Other Voice out September 23 Nashville record release show September 28 at The Basement

Today Nashville-based singer-songwriter and Grammy-award-winner Buick Audra is pleased to share “Simply Said,” the fourth and final single from her forthcoming album, Conversations with My Other Voice out September 23 (pre-order the album & corresponding essay collection.).

In the song, Buick Audra strips things down to her solo electric guitar and an incantation: “And I don’t have to take care of you.” In “Simply Said,” Buick holds space for differing truths: hers, and someone else’s. The live performance video debuted at Music Meccaand the track is on all streaming platforms today.

The video is a solo performance of Buick at Sound Emporium, the legendary Nashville studio where the album was recorded. Buick says, “It’s a full circle moment to go back to the space where we did this project that means so much to me. There’s a magic in that room and I was grateful to connect to it one more time.” The video was shot by Jerry Roe, and the audio was recorded by Justin Francis, who also engineered the album.

Buick says: “I wrote this song right before my life would change in every area; my long-term relationship was about to be over, my family would be forever impacted by incarceration, and I was right on the edge of learning some truths about myself and everyone else in my life. There were a lot of closed doors and secrets among us. This song was like a lightbulb in an otherwise dark house; I could see just enough to know that it wasn’t my job to take care of everyone else in the story. And so, I wrote it exactly that way.”
On the album track, which differs from the video, Buick invited eight fellow women in music to join her on the group vocals: Sally Jaye, Alicia Witt, Cynthia Cárdenas, Stephanie Jacques, Anna Haas, Kat Jones Samantha Frances, and Amoretta Layne. About that decision, she says, “I wanted the voices of other people on the refrain, but I also felt strongly about having them all be women who had taken serious personal and creative risks in their lives. Stepping away from your previous idea of yourself is a risk, and that’s what this song is about. So, I asked some people I admire, and they all said yes. I love having them there.”
Conversations is a back-and-forth between Buick then, and Buick now. The collection was built by Buick taking five songs from her former life that were never recorded, and five songs she wrote in response to them from here. The result, in the simplest of terms, is a conversation. “Simply Said” is one of the original five songs.
The album was written and produced by Buick, making it her first solo release to have no outside writers or co-producers.
Buick has also announced a hometown record release show to take place on September 28 at The Basement in Nashville. Tickets are available HERE.
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